My Book is now an ebook!

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IMAG0978For those who wish to know – and especially for those who live outside Australia, or have good friends who do, my book, “Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” has finally been turned into an ebook. It has come up looking really good.

The simplest places to buy it are on Amazon Kindle and Apple ibookstore. Search using the words ‘Sudhir’ and ‘Astrology’ and it will come up. It costs about $5 or $6 AUS depending on sites and currency. It’s also on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Scribd and more. If you are curious about my approach to Astrology, pay a pittance get yourself one. It is beautifully illustrated by my good friend Jinesh. Check his wonderful calligraphy out on Instagram – inkbrushpaper It’s something….

Back in Blogging Land

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It’s been a very long time between drinks – but here I am back at my keyboard tying up a blog entry. My life has been immersed in the world of acute mental health support. And what a journey it has been. I’ve am having a very real encounter with the system and met a wonderful collection of characters along the way. Still, no matter what has been going on I keep tapping out astrology columns for various newspapers and Astrology continues to be a vehicle for expression. Mythology keeps being a way to understand things in that mid-land between logic and meditative silence. People keep finding me to have sessions; mostly on-line these days. Life goes on.

The other thing that I have done over the last year and a bit is an on-line Certificate in Trauma and Stress Studies put together by the Trauma Centre in Boston. I even went to Boston in June/July to go to the 27th Annual Trauma Conference. I am truly gob-smacked by the work that is going on in this realm. It is the future of mental health. Check out Bessel van der Kolk (The Body Keeps the Score), Peter Levine, Steven Porges and more. They are empirical scientists whose research is starting to affirm the sanity and effectiveness of such things as body awareness, meditation/mindfulness, relating, creativity and flow. Bless them for bridging a whole lot of really important gaps.

For the rest, it’s feels like consolidation time. My book is now available on Etsy. Go to and search for Sudhir Astrology. You’ll find two shops with it. Either work. $20 with free shipping anywhere in the world. Also, I have a remastered collection of old songs up at Bandcamp now take Credit Card payments as well as Paypal. They have finally made life easier. I also post articles from time to time on Linked In. If you feel like getting in touch – do. Love and fun – Sudhir

Jupiter in Virgo: Hubris or Humility

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Lets continue to focus on Jupiter in Virgo, as per my previous blog. The archetypal images involved hold further riches that deserve to be extracted. Jupiter at his worst represents the political mind. Like Zeus in Greek mythology, he signifies the domination of linear, strategic thinking, over such qualities as intuition, a love of beauty and the genius of the feminine. At his best, Jupiter represents expansion and growth – the capacity to grow beyond the blindness of the love of power. In a contemporary context, all our politicians (left, right and centre) represent that part of us that is blinded by power; that remains wilfully ignorant of anything other than the language of domination.

Virgo represents the web of nature. The original Virgo goddesses represented the abundance that arises when one respects and honours the order of nature. At its worst Virgo signifies a moral rejection of nature, the outcome of which is aridity and stasis.

Put the negatives together and Jupiter in Virgo reads as the destruction of ecology by humanities blind lust for domination and power. Put the two positives together and it reads as the fertility that can arise, should we human beings transcend our historically habitual desire to dominate nature and instead learn to be an active, sensitive and intelligent part, of natures web.

Make no mistake, the issue of our relationship with nature is not going to go away. The issue of climate change is a perfect window into the implications of getting it right and getting it wrong. If you are unconvinced, or want to wish it away, go to your local book shop and purchase a copy of ‘This Will Change Everything’ by Naomi Klein. Her logic is passionate elegantly researched and irrefutable. She identifies capitalism in its present form, as hubris. Hubris for the ancient Greeks was the only sin. By overstepping our mark, we bring the heavens down on our heads. While Jupiter is in Virgo, we can use the image of Jupiter and the image of Virgo, to flesh out the conversation. Feel free to join in.

Using the Stars to Navigate the Real World

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Tony Abbott and Climate Change

The world is heading in some pretty strange directions. That’s obvious to anyone with their eyes half open. How can the language of astrology possibly help? It seems so anachronistic. It need not be so. Astrology, as a language, has a lot of good things going for it. It’s metaphoric, symbolic, philosophic and gloriously removed from the kind of language that is most often used to analyse worldly goings on. Now that we live in a post-modern age where it is generally accepted by those in the know that we create our realities through the narratives we hold dearest to our hearts, why not use a language of symbols with the potential for depth built in. Let’s go.

The political mind has done it’s time. The world is sufficiently stuffed up that in contrast, anyone trying to come to terms with what’s happening, or who is trying to set things right, who is encumbered by their addiction to a political template is destined to embrace the fate of the dinosaurs. Left, right or centre doesn’t matter. It’s all a power game – and power games are intrinsically flawed. So flawed in fact that to play them is to be on the side of destruction.

In astrology the politician is Jupiter. Jupiter, or Zeus as he was previously known, came to be the emperor of the gods, when he overthrew the more primitive and instinctive titans. He maintained power through logic. He maintained it by doing his level best to dominate the feminine, through rape, seduction and subterfuge. Interesting. Jupiter is presently in the constellation of Virgo, the sign of ecology, the sign that represents the exquisite order of nature. Bearing in mind the reality of climate change and the gradual soiling of our ecological nest, to have the contrasting images of bombastic political Jupiter, puffed up with hubris faced with our need to care for the intricate spider’s web of our natural environment, the metaphors get really interesting. Think Tony Abbott and climate change and you have the picture. It’s destined for tears.

Astrology, Narrative and Pronoia

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It’s been a long time between drinks, which seems to have become the case as I have been making my way through the land of academia for these last three years. The good news is that in approximately three and a bit months I will have a counselling degree. Aside from giving me some extra street cred, it has certainly rounded and strengthened and deepened my approach to counselling. It’s also brought me in touch with some fantastic new approaches to counselling in the form of narrative therapy and existential counselling, as articulated by Amy Van Deurzen. I’m sure there will be more to do with those two subjects as this next round of blogs arise. Adding solid counselling skills to astrology is a passion of mine. I guess that comes from having done way too many sessions in the past to help people recover from having had astrology sessions. Superstition is not the way to encourage people to trust life and empower themselves oh overly predictive friends of mine.

My conception of astrology is rightfully morphing, changing and growing, in a lovely protean, creative fashion. Astrology is if nothing else a glorious web of stories, hiding within the enigmatic surface of a set of ancient symbols. These stories, often with their roots in Greek mythology, but not always, are ways of identifying and defining our own story lines. By identifying our story lines we can start to figure out where they reinforce who we are and where they get in the way. If they are getting in our way, then our job is to find the alternative, hidden seam of experiences and narratives, that may serve to empower and awaken us. This is the work of narrative therapy. To identify and begin to perform the threads of narrative that can lead us where we want to go. It is to get out of the thrall of the stories we carry in our hearts that keep us chained.

Which brings me to Pronoia. Pronoia is a word picked up and extended on by fellow maverick astrologer Rob Brezsny. In fact he has turned it into a book which I am reading right now. Pronoia is the antidote for paranoia. It is not blind, Christianity-in-drag, new ageism. It is a way of looking at what’s going on in the world that acknowledges reality, while hunting for and threading together all the beautiful, life affirmative things that are happening before our eyes – that we miss seeing because we are so stuck in collective negative dross. I thoroughly recommend checking him out. He’s got his own way of telling his tale, which may or may not sit well with you – but he really does have a fine tale to tell – so bear with him. Anyone that quotes Hafiz as freely as he does is all right by me.

On a practical note, I still have books for sale. They are $20, Australian with free postage anywhere in the world. You can pay using paypal. I am available for Skype sessions wherever you are in the world. I charge $100 Australian (you get a session, a recording of the session and a copy of my book for that – as long as stocks remain). Contact me here through wordpress or by e-mail ( If you are in Brisbane, or close by, I can come and do group sessions with you and your buddies whenever you want. Feel free to get in touch.

Much love and fun – and lots of good will and wishes for 2014. It feels like it will be a good one to me.


2013 in review – this is you folks – Thank you! :)

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The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,800 times in 2013. If it were a cable car, it would take about 30 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Skype Sessions + Free Books

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I am on a semester break from uni, so at last some moments free from assignments and some seriously interesting reading to post some news.

The big news is that I am now set up to do Skype Astrology Sessions. Wherever you are in the world, I can now interpret your chart, your transits or do a relationship reading face to face on Skype. I really look forward to connecting with those of you who are interested enough in the approach you find in these pages, in my astrology columns, or in my book, to send me an e-mail and book yourself in.

The first couple of hundred people to book in will get a free copy of my book – ‘Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested’ along with their session. Each session will last for a little over an hour. If you can’t record it, then I will – and send you the recording as an MP3 file on a flash drive. You will also have the opportunity of a short (half hour max) follow up question and answer session should you need it, as part of the session price (and of course a free book if you get in early).

This all works, wherever you are in the world (as long as we can figure out time differences and if you have paypal). I charge $100 AUS.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. My e-mail address is  Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you all the practical details. They are very simple.

Much love and fun


Sudhir Astrology in Print and on Your Coffee Table!

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A bit of brilliant Jinesh illustrative geniius in my paw.

“Astrology For Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” is a lovely colourful gift book I have out, that looks at Astrology and the meaning of the star signs, in unique and original ways. It’s designed to go on your coffee table or kitchen bench and inspire discussion, conversation and assorted ‘aha’s’. It is cheekily illustrated by my good friend Jinesh. It’s also a mighty fine present for anyone you know who might be up for a good astrological ponder – and a chuckle here and there.


For those who are just hearing about the presence of this little literary gem, all you need to do to order your copy, is to send me a message via this blog, or e-mail me at It’s $25 including postage, to anywhere in the world. There’s a limited supply of copies of this edition left, so get in soon. You can pay by PayPal (worldwide), or cheque/money order, or direct deposit (if you are in Australia). I’ll need your name and postal address, however you order it – and will get your copy on its way to you ASAP.

Roll on regenerative year of the Snake!


Postmodern Astrology

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I love astrology – mainly for its mythological, hence psychological, depth. The superstition that still surrounds it however has always driven me to distraction. That people in the 21st century still cling to the idea that it has scientific credibility in its present form, defies belief. Perhaps one day someone will find an empirical connection between the planets, stars and life on earth. Maybe once in the days of genuine intuitive cognition it was understood correctly. Presently it’s a dog’s breakfast.

Up until now, rather than get tangled in the muddy soup of that argument, I have focussed on identifying the witness of it all. There is a witness to the whole dance of energy that we are and that life is. This witness is the core of awareness which provides the hub of silence that offers refuge from the noise – or a counterpoint to the noise.

Going to Uni has opened up another way of looking at these things for me. I am blessed to finally get my head around postmodernism. We are made up of stories – and these stories are malleable. To put astrology into this mix is a fascinating journey. The stories, archetypes and mythological patterns that form the template of astrology, are malleable. We can read them however we want to read them, make meaning of them in whatever way we want to make meaning of them – and shift them around to affirm the very best of who we are, as we please. That takes all the dogmatic lunacy out of astrology and empowers we lovers of grand archetypal narrative, in whole new ways.

My greatest joy so far in finally doing a counselling degree, is to have discovered narrative therapy – and in particular the works of Michael White and David Epston. To sum it up briefly, narrative suggests that when we are in a bit of a ditch, we are often plagued by problem-saturated narratives that distort our view. Through externalising our problem/s, we can deconstruct them, see what ideas beliefs etc drive them – and then go looking for other, hidden healthy narratives that are also present in our lives but are operating out of sight. As we strengthen these alternate narratives, so we can move from ‘problem’ to creativity, strength, awareness, love, whatever.

To put astrology into this context, imagine not being hoodwinked into certain not very constructive predictive interpretations of your sign, or your present day transits but instead being free to rewrite the interpretation according to your unique healthy creative narrative – the one that lives underneath any deterministic power-drenched superstitious nonsense you might have had put on you by some apparently authoritative astrologer, or cook-book astrological manual. This opens up the possibility of each person finding their most unique astrological self – one that identifies their strengths and celebrates them.

And then we can find the witness!

Much love
PS I still have books for sale. $25 including postage anywhere in the world!

Books for Sale

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There are exactly 300 copies of my book in existence and available for sale. They are $25(Australian) each. Get one while you can. The postage is free worldwide. To buy one, contact me here or at or send $25 Australian to my e-mail address via paypal. Be sure to include your name, postal address and contact details. It’s a very cool little book with a unique take on astrology – and because it is small and full of colour pictures, it’s makes a great gift. Let’s get these little babies out of here.