Monday Stars, Saturday Band


Writng the stars is the strangest proffession. There is no school for learning such things – so I each time I do it I am jumping into the wild blue yonder. What amazes me is the limitless pool of creative waters that presents itself once one starts writing. I look at where the planets are and then I feel a feeling, sniff a whiff of posibility and start writing. Then I proceed to be amazed by what comes. Mondays are always like this. It is generally the day I do my weekly stars. Sometimes it’s difficult. Often there’s heaps of fear that nothing is going to come or that I will repeat myself. If all I get in this life is some sense of how to make friends with the creative process I will have done pretty well. Life of course life is never lacking in richness.


Lion Island played on Saturday Night – at the Top Floor in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. We are an eight or nine piece so there’s always this element of out of control with us. It’s just simply impossible to hold all the ingredients in the pot by force of personality or intent. The amazing thing is that everybody picks up their piece and runs with it. The feeling of being in a band on stage when all the parts are making a harmonious cranked whole is simply one of the best experiences going. Only sex and skiing seem to match it in my estimation. Yee Harr…..!!!!


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