Winter Stars in the Southern Hemisphere


Nails being hammered in the distance. A grandmother’s birthday party in nearer focus. Young voices feting the old. I’m steering my ship in the gaps between the grandmother’s wonderfully raucus laughs. The week has been full-on. Today is a day of semi-rest. It’s cold – but not too cold. The Sun is warm actually, outside the confines of my little flat cave. And it’s in the sign of Cancer. The summer sign in the northern hemisphere. The sign of warm fecundity placed incongruously in a southern winter. Winter the time of solitary goats and saturnalia’s and hardy survival tales. I’ve always found the seasonal placements of the star signs in the southern hemisphere odd. But what to do. Mine is not the role to actually shift the tradition. Question it – and take some of the seriousness out of it – but not shift it. Somebody else can do that.

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