Crustaceans Part ?


The wind is nuts. It’s been blowing wild and cold for days. A troublesome phenomena driving everone I know into some kind of vulnerability. Penetrating defences. Gillian Welch is crooning in the background. And I’m thinking about Crab symbology – as you do. The essence of Cancer seems to be about the whole dance of getting out of the womb. Leaving security for individuality. An eternal on-going story if ever there was one. It strikes me that astrology is full of universal themes. The good thing about that for a wily astrologer is that if he or she can tune into these universal themes, they will always strike a note. It’s hard to get it wrong from that perspective. There will always be bells ringing. Who isn’t struggling with some version of balancing the nourishment of home (womb) with the need to shine forth as an individual somewhere out there in the world? Universal. The subtlety of each person’s journey is what makes it interesting. Today I leave the womb (although it’s a rather chilly one) of my flat and head out into the wind, to go to Lion Island band practice. A mini-shakespearean mythical journey. Each day is full of them. Astrology can be a mirror in which to look at all sorts of little daily micro-adventures in a new light. There you go – and now i’m going to come out of my shell, Gillian Welch and all – and find something heroic and individualistic in the day. Maybe i’ll have a moment with my mandolin or my banjo or my band buddies.

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