Crows and Crabs


I woke up with full intention to go to the left. Life came rushing through the dor insisting I go to the right. Now i’m sitting here feeling stunned and trying to find the middle. The crows are crowing, as they do in these hills. There’s always someone nailing something and today is no exception. Let’s face it – there can be no mincing of words – the sign of Cancer is about Mother. Personal, universal and all gradations in between. How good are we at finding a healthy relationship with our mothers? Or with existence as our mother? This is one of the themes that radiates out from the symbol of the Crab. I’m touched by Pythagoras saying to be a good son. I get touched by such things – and by the authority of those who have arrived home. What does it mean to be a good son? For me it means to find a kind way to be myself. Sometimes I nail it and sometimes I forget. Sometimes a very friendly individuality – and sometimes i’m kicking and fighting to assert my independence – which is a sure sign that I haven’t got it. Mr Gurdjieff also – one of the few characters in recent history I regard as a bona fide hero (look him up) – says something like ‘before one can find God (oneself) one has to have made peace with one’s mother and father.’ I paraphrase. It sounds trite and simple, yet it is such a big journey. At this point in time I am comfortable with my personal mother, but i’m not always so comfortable with the universal mother as she comes at me through various close encounters. Does she want to swamp me? Or does she really want to love me? Is she aware of what she is up to? Or is she working her way to greater consciousness too? Do I and can I trust her? Which all goes to show that this is definitely a work in progress – and that these archetypal metaphors are good things to bounce around with, in the quest for significance. The hammering has stopped and the crows have been replaced by excitable parrots. How amazing is a day!

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