A James Joyce Mini-Epiphany

Ulysses was sitting in the second-hand bookshop looking at me. For the first time it felt like the right time to give it a read. So far I’m only in the introduction. James Joyce doesn’t even have a voice yet. Never-the-less it has been revelatory already. The fundamental premise to my version of Astrology (with hat tipped towards George Gurdjieff and Osho) is that it is a map of who we are not. And that map is made profound by the fact that underlying all the zodiac symbols are the stories of Greek (and other’s) mythology. We live the story cycles of mythology in our present day, unconsciously. This is Ulysses too. A day in a very ordinary life, underpinned by the story cycle of The Odyssey. James Joyce and many since have been saying and demonstrating the same thing in literature for well over a century. Joyce meets Jung. The difference is with the influence of Mr G and Osho and a wee bit of personal experimentation, these story cyles don’t become a rat’s maze. Once seen they hold the key to leaving all rat’s mazes behind. Moksha, freedom, the great gift of the East. It’s sitting there at the heart of the wheel, looking a lot like a laughing Buddha, who upon seeing the flimsiness of the prison walls is celebrating accordingly.

Yes – I am available for sessions. Yes – I am available to run workshops and give talks. I can be contacted at astropoetica@gmail.com

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