Songs, Virgo and Queen Victoria’s Petticoats

Yesterday I put a compilation of my songs up at Bandcamp. Finally a website elegantly designed for independent artists to sell their stuff without getting tangled in other peoples musically mercinary business adventures. Go to the links on this blog and you’ll see what I mean. It’s refreshingly simple. Enjoy! 

On the astrological front I am going to keep bringing these blogs back to the themes of the month – and for now that means Virgo. The original Goddess represented the order of nature. I could contemplate that forever. She can be seen in the spine of a leaf, heard in the rustle of the morning trees, felt in the spring heat. And what is in her way are all the ludicrous ideas about what is right and wrong that have been layered on top of her. The primal virgin has got more petticoats, dresses, hats and corset on than Queen Victoria. She is the very nature that runs through our veins. She needs to be disrobed. That means undressing the real me from his conditioning. Dancing seems to help. The body likes to move. The armour cracks and falls off when dancing freely. Slowly day by day a little bit more hits the dust. Natacha Atlas and Arabic rhythms seem to work for me. Oh and Shooglenifty. 

My Book is due out soon. Watch this space! And – Yes – I am available for sessions. Yes – I am available to run workshops and give talks. I can be contacted at




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