Under a Bright Orange Sky

A lot happens in 24 hours. There has been a dust storm in the sky today that turned it orange. Seriously strange. Yesterday at Lion Island music practise I heard we had been offered a gig by The Harbour Agency which is pretty amazing. They are big bananas. Looks like we are off up the mountain to Toowoomba later in October. And all while somehow mulling over the symbol of Leo. I would love to simplify astrology and do surgery on the superstition it is riddled with. An astrology software salesperson sent me an e-mail yesterday claiming that a certain person’s transits proved that they were an axe murderer, even though they were adjudged innocent. This is idiocy. What’s worse is that when I pointed out that it was a rather long bow to draw, he had no sense whatsoever of the irony. I choose to persist with the soothsaying anyway. I look forward to my book getting out and about on the streets, coffee tables and bookshelves of the world, so I can finally have my angle circulating through the collective unconscious. 

My Book is due out soon. Watch this space! Yes – I am available for sessions. Yes – I am available to run workshops and give talks. And my songs are now up at Bandcamp. Check the links on this site. I can be contacted at astropoetica@gmail.com



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