Lion Island, Tiny Vipers and Humility

Lion Island is playing at The Troubadour in Brisbane this Saturday night if you happen to be in this part of the universe. We’re first up and playing a half hour set – so get there early. (Check the Troubadour website) We’re supporting Tiny Vipers – an artist from New York. There’s lot’s of Lion Island gigs around the traps in October. I’ll keep you posted – or go to our site. I’m the one on Banjo, Mandolin and Blues Harp if you’re wondering.

There’s nothing I like more than removing the fear that people project on the stars. Half-knowledge is indeed dangerous. To read the universe as a dangerous place is is to show that one is but an amateur in the realm of alchemy. Astrology used wisely can help to accept the flows and changes that invariably happen along the way. It is is a profound enough language once fully absorbed to do that. Acceptance, self-love and awareness – if these three ingredients aren’t the outcome of your encounter with astrology or an astrologer then something is astray. What can be more humbling for the ego than to bow to the fact that life is larger than it is? If this humbling happens then astrology has served it’s purpose in shifting the centre of gravity in one’s life. Ya Hoo…..

My Book is due out soon. Watch this space! Yes – I am available for sessions. Yes – I am available to run workshops and give talks. And my songs are now up at Bandcamp, LastFM and more.. Check the links on this site. I can be contacted at

Have fun!


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