Old Crow Medicine Show, Justice and Insects

The Old Crow Medicine Show are playing in my ear. Crisp clean clear edgy contemporary bluegrass. I love the juxtaposition of my love of country music and astrology. One grounds. The other makes me rise high. Which one does which is anyone’s guess. The day is hot. The insects are singing a lament. Their noxious weed Chinese Elm homes were felled yesterday. The house looks and feels naked. Exposed to the summer sun.

I’ve been focussing on the issue of beauty with Libra. Today I suspect i’ve been doing a classic Libran thing and have been making it nice. Even though the aesthetic angle is all about real beauty as opposed to romantic beauty to me. There is the issue of justice though. The inanimate scales pointing to a non-instinctive, considered, rational, conscience, or consciousness driven justice. Justice. Punishment. Do crime in the name of curing the crime. State crime is ok. Individual crime is problematic. The scorpion’s claws still lie there under the pans of the blindfolded goddesses justice. The wolf behind the sheep. The shadow behind the gloss of civilisation. No solutions today. Just descriptions. The weekend promises celebration, music and a big fat old moon. The Crows keep exploring counterpoint, rhythm, harmonies and melody. The insects are growing lazy with their song in the afternoon heat.

My Book is due out soon. Watch this space! Yes – I am available for sessions. Yes – I am available to run workshops and give talks. And my songs are now up at Bandcamp, LastFM and more.. Check the links on this site. I can be contacted at astropoetica@gmail.com

Have fun!


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