Gogol Bordello, A Birthday and The Super-ego

Big few days. Tonight listening to Gogol Bordello. Anarchist gypsy punk joyous madness. I can’t believe this music. Zorba incarnate. Reminds me of one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen – Underground. Humour, music and some kind of altered state in the Balkans – as they went up in flames. Culture is a big complex thing that defies understanding really. Seems to be a state of wonder past understanding. I like it there – here – in wonder.

Lion Island nailed the Troubadour on Saturday Night. Playing live extends time and shortens it at the same time. So much happens on stage in one half hour. Nine people playing together is transcendental. Ego’s pop and magic happens – and then they come back in again. Mind to no-mind and back. The lure of the world of the artist. The lure of the soul hungry. Not only artists go there. Totality delivers a strangely wonderful state. It’s actually zen hiding in the clothes of ordinariness.

And of course a birthday. Acknowledged it for the first time in five years. Had to receive some love. Tough. Chuckle.

Been pondering Pluto’s journey through Capricorn. Today’s snapshot. The awareness of death (Pluto) tapping on the super-ego (shadow side of Capricorn) and showing it how pointless it is to be living in a world of ‘shoulds’. Time to stand on our own feet because there is no other time. Becoming our own fathers. Obscure? Consider it a poem and sit with it like that. The real sneaks in between the cracks in logic.

My Book is due out soon; in fact i’m expecting it any day. And yes I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. My songs are now up at Bandcamp, LastFM and more. Lion Island is to be found on Bandcamp too. Buy a track or two and you’ll be helping to fund a whole lot of joy. Check the links on this site.

I can be contacted at astropoetica@gmail.com

Have fun! Sudhir

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