Libra, War, Peace and a Cold Morning Breeze

I’ve been focussing on the aspect of Libra that is about a love of beauty. For years I have been making the point that beauty involves understanding and accepting the balance of darkness and light. Though I still feel that to be true, it has taken me away from the perhaps deeper Libran theme of peace. And of course once one introduces the idea of peace one has to allow in the opposite – war. The Aries/Libra axis is really the axis of war and peace; in their shadow forms. Anger and fear. A peace that is just fear of anger is fey. And an anger that has no respect for peace is thuggery. The classic romantic idealist Libran is often deathly afraid of his or her more powerful emotions – and hence that romanticism is illusory. Life doesn’t abide it for long. Beauty has to be real, not just an escape from ugliness. It has to have the same power. In order to do that our Libran friends (I am one of them) must enter the gritty embrace of anger. Absorbing the power that comes with that. Adding Mars to the equation and not being just all Venus (though she is a mighty handful mythologically) 

The day is splendid. Strangely cold. My banjo is off to the doctor again this morning. She is an antique attempting to make it in the contemporary world. The Lion Island EP launch is on October 16. We are playing at midnight – which means my previously simple lifestyle has now officially gone arse up. 

My Book is due out soon; in fact i’m expecting it any day. I am available for sessions. I am available to run workshops and give talks. My songs are now up at Bandcamp, LastFM and more. Lion Island is to be found on Bandcamp too. Check the links on this site.

I can be contacted at 

Have fun!


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