At the Heart of the Stars

Emptiness is the most interesting thing to me. Not just blah emptiness but the shining open space that is there when the mind and time stops. I know it singing. I know it dancing. I even know it in a moment beyond fear playing football as a schoolboy. It is full of light yet free of all objects. Astrologically if there is anything I really want to do, it is to put the stars into the service of those who wish to find this space. It is the space that relaxes the heart and gives significance. The only way I can imagine doing that is to start from the statement attributed to George Gurdjieff (in ‘Remembering Gurdjieff’ by Fritz Peters) that astrology is a map of who we are not. It points to the knots that are there to be untied in order to taste the taste of emptiness – the taste of one’s original face – the space that makes love possible, that embody’s creativity – and that even puts the fear of death in its place. All that I do in the name of the stars is a painting that tries in some way to embrace that end.

My Book is due out soon; in fact i’m expecting it any day. I am available for sessions. I am available to run workshops and give talks. My songs are up at Bandcamp, itunes and more. Lion Island is to be found on Bandcamp too and at MySpace. We are launching our first EP at Rics in The Valley (Brisbane) on the 16th of October. Go to the links over there to your right.

I can be contacted at

Have fun!


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