Funny Monday

Every day is a funny day. I can hear a voice calling the horses on a cheap am radio. The birds don’t seem to mind. This morning a woman asked me to edit her love letter while I was sitting at a cafe. She sat down. I said nothing. Then she congratulated me on having done such a splendid job. It being Monday I get to write the stars first up. Today was one of those days where I knew I had to sit back, take a deep breath and give the planets a really good once over. Having had a deadline or six to write stars for nearly 15 years now, I can say for certain that as symbols they have enough depth to handle a whole lot of looking into them. Naturally every time I look, I am looking into myself. I trust that there’s enough universality to my experience for it to translate to other people’s experience. I have been accused of having a camera in my reader’s bedrooms. I’m trusting that is a good piece of feedback – and not paranoia that will come back to haunt me. And isn’t ‘pronoia’ a great word? The exact opposite. Seeing all the hopeful possibilities when projecting ahead. The bloke who writes Free Will Astrology in the States has written a book about it. I tip my hat.

My Book is due out soon; in fact i’m expecting it any day. I am available for sessions. I am certainly up for running workshops and giving talks. My songs are up at Bandcamp, itunes and more. Lion Island is to be found on Bandcamp too and at MySpace. We are launching our first EP at Rics in The Valley (Brisbane) on the 16th of October. Go to the links over there to your right. And be there if you can.

I can be contacted at

Have fun!


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