Dancing to the Tune of Saturn


Today I found myself walking at half pace behind my mother who is now 92. We were doing the shopping. It entered my head that Saturn is now in Libra, that my Sun is in Libra and that this was a perfect metaphor. Lovely misrepresented Saturn. He slows us down and makes us be with what is. If we are smart we go with it and discover the beaming white light of his existential wisdom. Considering that for the previous two days I had been travelling like a bat out of hell, this sudden slowness brought a smile to my eyes.

I played my first midnight gig with the band on Friday. We launched our EP. On the 2.05am bus home there were half a dozen young souls pawing over their brand new Lion Island CD’s. Another smiling moment. Two days of recovery later and I am trailing Saturn as he initiates me into the mysteries of old age. What a strange and fragile thing it is to become ancient. Walking fragile and incrementally through a shopping mall full of young fast people who don’t even seem to notice. One man did. An older man. He picked up something my mother dropped, with care, tenderness and understanding. channeling the intrinsic goodness of existence in the very midst of the most mundane part of the universe. Little things stagger me. And they are found by moving more slowly. My mother commented on how much more she sees now that she moves at her new found ninth decade pace. To be finding blessings at such a ripe old age is bordering on the miraculous.

My Book is way past its gestation time. It should be hot off the presses any day soon. I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Lion Island is to be found at http://www.myspace.com/lionisland and at Bandcamp.com. My solo songs are up at Bandcamp.com too.

I can be contacted at astropoetica@gmail.com



2 Responses to “Dancing to the Tune of Saturn”

  1. Maree Taylor Says:

    Hello Sudhir,
    I felt such recognition when I read your thoughts about your mother and the beauty of age and time and ‘being’. In particular your words “Little things stagger me. And they are found by moving more slowly. My mother commented on how much more she sees now that she moves at her new found ninth decade pace”, touched my heart. I identify. I have found it wonderful that as the outer vessel ages, creases and prepares to fall away, the inner spirit emerges the stronger, wiser, clearer. It is a lovely gift.
    Kind thoughts to you in your work,

    • Hi Maree, I am touched by your comment. Aside from the fact that it is actually the first comment posted on my site, you have picked up on something that is dear to my heart. I wondered for years how I would ever feel truly resolved with my mother. Life has very generously given me and her the time – and out of it comes not only a very precious healing but also a greater insight into Saturn. It seems life indeed does deliver on our most essential wishes. Thank you. Sudhir

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