Not Saturn this Time

Life certainly has a sense of humour. Last time I wrote I was waxing eloquent about how Saturn was up to tricks and slowing me down. The moment I said it everything went in the completely opposite direction. Things have sped up exponentially. Lord knows what planet can be blamed for this one. In half an hour I received five requests for readings. The band has been rehearsing like a bunch of mad people to get ready for our spot at the Valley Fiesta (Brisbane) tomorrow night (6.45pm in the Brunswick Street Mall). Lion Island is as much a social experiment as a band. Getting nine people in one place at the one time is challenge enough – but oh when it goes off as we play – it’s an instant trip to harmony heaven.

It’s lovely to watch the slow unfolding of friendship within the band. Tentatively and tenuously we all discover a little more about each other (and ourselves) each day. Every time someone gets to know me I have to get to know the me that is ‘astrologer’, ‘seeker’, ‘person of a certain age’ and much much more,  again. Friendliness seems to be the ultimate value. On the inside and the outside. Aiki. Aiki-do the way of friendliness. To offer a welcoming heart to feelings that aren’t comfortable is the only alchemy I know that works. Anger pain sadness grief grumpiness are my guests. I am the host. This is witnessing. When I remember.

Friendliness is a great angle to take astrologically too. It’s all about getting friendly with the parts inside represented by the planets. It works beautifully as Gestalt, Psychodrama. Haven’t done that for a while. Must be near about time.

Still waiting for that book. I wonder when the news will come from my publisher – saying it is steaming hot off the press. It will be steaming in this sub-tropical heat. That will be a good day. A fresh beginning. X

I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. My songs are up at, itunes and more. Lion Island is to be found on Bandcamp too and at MySpace. All the links are here on the homepage. I can be contacted at

Enjoy! Sudhir

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