Book – Yes!!!

I just read an e-mail from my publisher telling me that my book is ready. Yee Harr!!!! I will get to see it for the first time on Monday. It has been years getting to this point. What an amazing feeling it will be to finally hold it in my hands. Then comes the interesting bit where it gets to find it’s way and place in the world at large. A new curve in the journey of learning the ways of the world. As soon as I have all the details I will post them here on this site.

For the rest it has been a very full few days. Three gigs with Lion Island. One in Brisbane on Thursday night supporting Luluc, one in Toowoomba supporting Luluc – and one this arvo at a big outdoor market. Luluc are fantastic. Soft gorgeous warm harmonies that demand presence and listening. Check them out. And lovely people. A delight to share a bill with. Warm and friendly like their music. May they have a great time in the USA.

It was good to hire a van and go on our first road trip. A two hour drive up the mountain. Op shopping. Wide streets. Friendly punters. The occasional hoon. Lots of space. There’s something about driving west that opens my heart. Spaciousness is what I recognise as this land – and what I forget most in the big smoke. Best go and tune my banjo now.

I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. My songs are up at, itunes and more. Lion Island is to be found on Bandcamp too and at Myspace. All the links are here on the homepage.

I can be contacted at



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