Bookshops and Lightning Strikes

At last I’ve got some clues as to what bookshops in Australia are carrying my book. Here goes –

In Queensland – Mary Ryans in Milton/Bulimba/Noosa

The Museum of Brisbane Shop in the City Hall

In Western Australia – Dymocks in Fremantle/Midland Gate

Planet Books Mount Lawley

In South Australia and Victoria – Dymocks in Adelaide

Dymocks in Murray Bridge

 (If you know of any others, or if you are a bookshop and want the world to know, let me know and i’ll post the names here)

It has been a big week. My eyes are nearly falling out of my head and my kitchen has become as unfamiliar as a foreign country. Four gigs with the band in a week, plus rehearsals, plus a book signing – and more. There are more Lion Island gigs coming up in the next couple of weeks. Go to our for details.

As far as the stars are concerned I am aware of the presence of the Centaur season. Yes – the Sun is in Sagittarius. I associate Sagittarius with a photo I seem to have lost of a bolt of lightning striking a tree – a sudden dramatic flash of illumination. An arrow of light hurled down from on high by Jupiter, or Zeus. Whether that lightning strike illuminates or burns is pretty much in the lap of the gods. It illuminates if it isn’t tainted by hubris. It burns if it is claimed and possessed by the self-satisfied ego that thinks that it knows. This seems to be the fundamental Centaur dilemma; To enter experiential knowing in such a way that ones openness and innocence remains intact.

 To Buy my Book

If you are in Australia or New Zealand the best way is to order from your local bookshop. Quote the title “Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” the author “Sudhir” The ISBN 978 1 921555 07 7 and the publisher – Boolarong Press (Salisbury – Queensland) Doing it this way helps us to get bookshops to notice it and stock it all around the country. The recommended retail price is $19.95 (AUS)

You can also buy it directly from the Boolarong Press website. It can be shipped anywhere in Australia, NZ or the rest of the world.

If you have any problems sourcing it, let me know and I will do my best to sort it out. My e-mail address is

I AM definitely available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Lionisland can be found on myspace and at bandcamp as well as at our website My solo songs are up at, itunes and more. All the links are here on this homepage. (To your right)




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