It being the beginning of the next monthly Zodiac cycle, I have been collecting visual images that illustrate the mythology, as is my wont. This month it is the time of the Centaur. I also read my favourite chapter in “The Astrology of Fate” by Liz Greene, to get my mythological bearings. No matter how many times I read these things I keep finding new information and new angles. Centaurs seem to be described as alternately as ruffians, wounded souls and wise teachers. They are earthly creatures who aspire to the heavens. The most fully formed Centaur in mythology is Chiron, who is a beautiful, painful, wise and compassionate creature who never really recovered from receiving one of his own arrows, tipped with a particularly lethal poison, in the thigh. He ached the pain of mortality and was finally released when a swap was made for him and Prometheus. Prometheus being the one who wanted to bring the fire of the heavens to earth. It’s a long story but fascinating. Prometheus (associated with Aquarius) wants to bring the heavens to earth – and Chiron (Sagittarius) wants to rise from earth to the heavens. In the end both their dreams come true via a truly Olympian and perhaps Machiavellian swap. (Read the chapter ‘Mythology and Fate’ in the book mentioned above for the full yarn).

I love how bountifully and how beautifully this stuff was painted in medieval antiquity – and most recently in the English Romantic era. Gorgeous pictorial interpretations that celebrate our rich yet oft neglected pagan history.

For the rest – Lion Island is playing at the Troubadour in Brisbane (yet again) this coming Sunday the 13th of December. We are supporting a band called “Why?”. From Canada I believe. There are still tickets available – but not many. Come along if for a rollicking good time. We will be rolling out at least one new song and honing, evolving and continuing to create and grow the rest. An old friend described us as being the music that goes with Mullah Nasrudin type characters riding donkeys and selling pumpkins the other day. I will be pondering that on stage.

To Buy my book “Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” RRP $19.95 (AUS)

The following Bookshops in Australia are carrying it. There may be more but these are the one’s I know about for sure.

In Queensland – Mary Ryans in Milton/Bulimba/Noosa and The Museum of Brisbane Shop in the Brisbane City Hall

In Western Australia – Dymocks in Fremantle/Midland Gate and Planet Books in Mount Lawley

In South Australia and Victoria – Dymocks in Adelaide and Dymocks in Murray Bridge

The simplest way to buy it, wherever you are, is directly from the Boolarong Press website. http://www.boolarongpress.com.au It can be shipped anywhere in Australia, NZ or the rest of the world.

The other option in Australia or New Zealand is to order from your local bookshop. Quote the title “Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” the author “Sudhir” The ISBN 978 1 921555 07 7 and the publisher – Boolarong Press (Salisbury – Queensland) Note – Boolarong Press is the Distributor as well as the Publisher, should they ask. Doing it this way helps us to get bookshops to notice it and stock it all around the country.

Sessions, Workshops, Talks, Music etc

I AM definitely available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks.My e-mail address is  astropoetica@gmail.com  Lion Island can be found on MySpace and at bandcamp. My solo songs are up at Bandcamp.com, itunes and more. The links to all these are here on this homepage. (To your right)



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