Goats and Tropical Rain

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Rave On


I love the mornings. The crows in this part of town are having a party after the rain. Everything is not just green, it’s luminous. People are quiet and animals are having a jamboree. Christmas has passed with its usual microscopic study of the dynamics of family. Sometimes good. Sometimes downright scary. A wonderful collection of Indian Nationals came to last nights Osho Meditation. Which is great because all the westerners are on holiday. Aside from making me feel at home, I had a few moments wondering if there is a whole range of sensitivity that I simply haven’t got a handle on that is natural for these guys. Their descriptions of the experiences they have suggest as much.

I have astrology readings to do and am looking forward to once again entering the mirror of the stars to see what they have to say to me. These are goaty Capricorn days. Deserts and mountain tops and lust and righteousness climbing and structure – the structure of rocks and stones. I like goats – though I’ve never had to keep one. They like a lot of space I’m told.

Lion Island is playing at Rics on New Years Eve if you are in Brisbane and are brave and interested.

I AM available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. My e-mail address is astropoetica@gmail.com


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