A Fresh Breeze

The Sky is the Ground for our Aquarian Friends

Sales Tales

“Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” is now available in good bookshops around Australia – and at www.boolarongpress.com.au and www.amazon.com

(Wholesalers – buy Five Copies or more from Boolarong Press and postage is waived – Check with them for details)

Rave On

Naturally, it’s hot. I have a slight headache which possibly has something to do with an imbalance in my caffeine intake. I’m trying to balance it up with a cup of chai. I got a spectacular comment on my last blog so I’ll be especially aware as I write this one. It contained both the word ‘tripe’ and ‘Shakespearean’. Check it out and let me know if I am seriously off the mark or not. I’d like to know. That said – it’s a big week. Lion Island are supporting Dent May at the Troubadour in Brisbane on Thursday Night (we’re on at 9.30pm), I’ll be rabbitting on at 6.20am on Friday on ABC Radio (again Brisbane) with Spencer Howson. (After the gig the night before it could be interesting) – and I’m doing a book signing at Angus and Robertson’s at Post Office Square (again Brizzy) from 11am to 2pm on Friday. Fortune still isn’t dancing with fame – though I did get my first royalty cheque this week. That was a blast. It is the time of Aquarius. Did you know that the original image of the Water-Bearer came as a description of the water-bearing winds – the winds that delivered the rains to the Nile Valley. That’s all your average Aquarian is trying to do – to deliver you refreshing rains, fertilise your earth and rejuvenate your countryside. Go with it!

Sessions, Workshops and Talks

I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Your can find me at astropoetica@gmail.com


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