Today’s Pitch

Lion Island is playing in the Brunswick Valley Mall (Brisbane) this Saturday 6th Feb for free. 12pm will be an acoustic set – and at 1pm the whole band will crank up. Be there or be square! We’re also part of the whole Brisbane Sounds thing. Heaps of local bands. Compilation CD is out. Big Gig at the Zoo Feb 27th

“Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” is now available in good bookshops around Australia – and at and

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And now for some – Raving On

It’s a little cooler. The birds are gossiping where they would have been laying low a week ago. I have a slight belly ache. Maybe it’s the fumes from an enzyme cleaner I used to polish the bathroom with a little earlier. It’s Aquarius time – which means it’s time to brush up on the myth of Prometheus. It’s a good story to help get one’s head around Water-bearers. Liz Greenes call. I like it. The rebel steals fire from the gods to bring humanity out of darkness. He creates civilization and also inadvertently unleashes havoc at the same time. Pandora is involved. Innovation asks a lot of a person. Are you ready to be shunned? That’s as likely as to be worshipped. Are you aware of all the potential consequences of your actions? Einstein wasn’t. Are you being humanitarian with awareness or not? That’s the basic question – as it always seems to be. All patterns to be witnessed.

I am considering running some on-going Astrology evenings in Brisbane – with an eye to them perhaps doubling as an Astrology Course. If you are in this neck of the woods and are interested, let me know. My e-mail address is below. .

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I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Your can find me at


2 Responses to “Prometheus”

  1. I love reading your column – a highlight of a visit to West End or the City is being able to pick up City News and read what Sudhir says.. I always relate wholly to what you say – its like “Boy that Sudhir has my number…again! How does he do it?”
    And more than just apt what you say is deeply thoughtful, wisdom provoking, always moves me forward or unlocks something for me, and is the most spot-on excellent guidance. Thank you.
    Do you have some more in-depth weekly or monthly astrology that I could subscribe to? Also interested in the astrology evening/courses idea.
    Thanks – Louisa.

  2. Oh man it’s great to get feedback. It’s often the case that people who like my columns read, smile and walk on – which I also like. The thing about feedback is that it gives me the feeling that I am not writing into a vacuum – that there really are people out there taking this stuff in (or in some cases spitting it out) – which makes me feel a whoile lot more juicy and engaged when I write. So – thanks Louisa. Much appreciated. Sudhir

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