Existential Astrology

Lion Island Rehearsing Under the House

Lion Island Rehearsing Under the House

The Pitch.

My Book is in the following bookshops that I know of and more . In Fremantle – Dymocks. In Brisbane – Angus and Robertson, Post Office Square, and Mary Ryans in Milton and New Farm. You can also buy it on-line at www.boolarongpress.com.au or on www.amazon.com if you are elsewhere than in Australia or New Zealand.

The Rave

I am listening to the new Patti Griffin album. It’s stunning. My ears pricked up when i heard that it was produced by Buddy Miller. The man is a genius. Genius meaning he is all heart. Makes me want to go and track down some old Staples Singers stuff. Buddy honours Pop Staples as his guitar main man. Hopefully all this filters through vicariously into Lion Island. There is such a varied collection in this band. Matthew has a new guitar and a new haircut and seems to be playing an awful lot of Rockabilly riffs between songs. I like it.

I’m craving sessions – craving getting right in there and working around in the real stuff of psyche and soul – not just talking about it. Not just story-telling it. Let’s face it nothing changes without entering experience. Endless theorising is a cop-out. Been out of the saddle so long it’s a bit of a journey back. The business cards are ordered. Next comes some intro nights and session demo’s here in south-east Queensland – or anywhere else anyone will have me.

The one great issue that comes up and bangs me in the head around working with people is that of authority – projection – transference. There are so many potholes to fall in there. Making the mistake of thinking one knows when one plainly doesn’t ain’t pretty or helpful – for one’s own journey let alone anyone else’s. In fact it generally nauseates me so much that I have chosen to steer clear of it for years. Travelling the pathless path with Osho has made it abundantly clear that any kind of spiritual middleman is there only to fleece sheep. Ultimately all any of us need is to get some kind of a handle on meditation – meditation being a fundamentally scientific endeavour that requires one’s own experience only, not anybody else’s, to bear fruit. It is its own touchstone.   

 The kinds of experiential sessions that I now do are really a journey into meditation. They have their roots in various techniques from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (see ‘The Book of Secrets’ Osho) which is ancient stuff. They are about confronting the mind with paradox and stopping it in its tracks – or about finding the middle way – or the peace of the heart – or falling in love with emptiness – or weightlessness – or…….  It’s a lovely endless journey.

Astrology is my starting point. As such it is as good a starting point as any.   

Love and fun


Email – astropoetica@gmail.com

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