The Moon’s In Cancer


The Pitch

My Book “Astrology For Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested”  is leaping up and down excitedly awaiting your purchase. If you are in Fremantle, Dymocks is the place. If you are in Brisbane, Angus and Robertson in Post Office Square has it – as does Mary Ryan in New Farm and Milton. Other good bookshops around Australia and New Zealand do have it or can get it in. You can also get it on-line at or

The Rave

Emotions – lots of them. I feel like I have left my emotional lifeline behind. I am flying out in the wild blue yonder. It’s most likely water I am travelling through – currents of wild flowing water. I live on the assumption that life is a Zen Master that is cooking me according to his own inspired recipe of No-Mind and Enlightenment. I live on that assumption because experience has confirmed it again and again over the years. Following each patch of unknowing there comes a moment when all is revealed as making the most perfect intuitive sense. Still in the midst of every peeling away, every stripping of the illusion of ‘I’, there is naturally doubt and panic and a thousand varieties of emotional wobble. That’s where I am right now. It’s a vulnerable place. It’s a place where it is handy to have metaphors of alchemy on hand to ease the way.

Sessions, and Workshops

I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Write to me at

Love and fun


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