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Towards an Existential Astrology

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Zen – A Celebration of What Is!

The Pitch

My Book “Astrology For Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested”  is out there awaiting your purchase. If you are in Fremantle, Dymocks is the place. If you are in Brisbane, Angus and Robertson in Post Office Square has it – as does Mary Ryan in New Farm and Milton. Other good bookshops around Australia and New Zealand do have it or can get it in. You can also get it on-line at or If you have any trouble getting it or need further details (ISBN etc) please contact me. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this blog.

 The Rave

Recently I got some new business cards made. That is always an interesting journey because it makes me wonder who I am and what I am offering exactly – what to call myself. This time round I opted for ‘Existential Astrologer’ and I am very happy with it. Essentially my heart lies in the land of Zen which is a clear land free of the mind-stuff of archetypes, symbols, concepts and even experiences. (Or experiencer) This love has made being an astrologer, who deals with all of the above a strange fit.

 It is clear that between here and there, between Zen and our everyday somnambulism is a big jump. In fact to all sense and purposes it is a quantum leap. It is a quantum leap that can be bridged by meditation – and to make meditation really essentially available, there needs generally to be some kind of preparation. Before one can effectively watch, be a witnessing consciousness – the very essence of meditation – one has to learn how to love oneself. Here’s where all therapeutic processes, including astrology, have their part to play. Astrology describes who we are not, but who we are not is where we need to start our journey, because that is where we are identified – that is the glue that has to get unstuck before anything more existential can happen. Thank you Osho.

 Existential is a beautiful word, unfortunately corrupted by the existentialists. In questioning their existence, in white-anting the various beliefs instilled by thousands of years of religious tradition, the existentialists (Sartre, Camus etc) landed in a philosophical cul de sac full of nausea, ambivalence and nihilism. They didn’t actually get to the sheer delight of Zen, the full comprehension of the magnificence of life as it is without the extra decoration of personality or belief. They got off the train one station too soon. The shadow is as much an ego trip as the manufactured personality. One never feels so special as when one is in misery.

 So – Astrology and a genuine existential presence a la Zen – yep, I’ll wear that one. I am an Existential Astrologer. Why not? More soon….   

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