What Exactly is a Blog? I Need to Know

The Pitch

My Book “Astrology For Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” is out there awaiting your purchase. If your local bookshop has conniptions trying to order it in, you can get it on-line at http://www.boolarongpress.com.au or http://www.amazon.com If you have any trouble getting it there or need further details (ISBN etc) please contact me. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this blog.

The Rave

It’s been over a month since I wrote one of these things. That’s a bit shocking. It doesn’t make me one of the more prolific bloggers in the universe. Hopefully quality makes up for the lack of quantity. Ok – the truth is I’m having teething troubles with this blogging thing. Supposedly blogging leads to community, which leads to many interesting and controversial discussions, which leads to a proliferation of services being bartered – and a general air of happiness enveloping all within its orbit. Hmm…..not quite happening like that.

So far my blogging has been a kind of extended diary. I feel like I’ve come to a fork in the blogging road. The diary thing’s not really working for me and it’s not really working for anybody else either judging by the almost complete lack of comment – though I have enjoyed very much the comments that have come – positive and negative.

My madcap brain, as Mr Gurdjieff would say, is conceiving of two things. One is to do Daily Astrology Haiku’s on Twitter – and the other is to invite questions from you my visitors and readers. Maybe I should do both. I love responding to interesting questions. Here’s your chance to lure me into discussion. Fire away! The ball is in your hand, dear readers and visitors. I’m guessing that those of you out there who read my columns around the known world must have plenty to say or ask. Say or ask away. I will come back at you.

Sessions, and Workshops

I am available for experiential astrology sessions (Ask me what they are!), to run workshops and give talks. Write to me at astropoetica@gmail.com or via the comment gateway here.

5 Responses to “What Exactly is a Blog? I Need to Know”

  1. Hey Sudhir, It was good we met today again in the street by chance – good to see you looking so well and alive. Hope we have a chance to catch up again.

    Yeah the blogging thing is tricky for me too – I’d say just keep on doing it and your giving will receive results. 🙂


  2. If only I had a penny for every time I came to sudhirastropoetica.wordpress.com.. Great post.

    • Hi Elmo – I’m wondering if you are related to Ethan. Both wanting a penny per visit. It’s great to know you are checking in. Though writing is an end in itself, a little juicy feedback does do nice things to the heart. Have fun – Sudhir

  3. If I had a penny for every time I came here.. Great writing.

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