Pete Townsend and Planets

It’s cold in my little cave. I’m listening to Pete Townsend. I have a soft spot for him because of his connection to Meher Baba. Google your socks off on that one! It’s a fascinating tale. I actually like his voice better than Roger Daltrey. It’s softer.

Speaking of spiritual journeys, we have a One Day Osho Meditation Day happening in Brisbane this Sunday. (August 25th) Active meditations for frenetic contemporary bodies, hearts and minds. Simple principle. If you want to be still – swing the pendulum the other way first. Move wildly and exhaustively – then stillness follows as night follows day. Athletes know it without knowing that they know it. Dancers too. Check my links for further clues or to book. (Osho Brisbane) 

If you are in Brisbane I have a heap of copies of my book at home right now all for sale. I am more than happy to sell you a copy or three. E-mail or call. Come and have a session and buy a book while you are here. Why not! 

Last weekend I went out to the Bracken Ridge library and did a talk on Astrology, Self-Enquiry, Mythology, etcetera. It got my juices flowing. I love sharing the ideas that are in my book with people who are curious at the very least – or as thirsty as those lost in the desert at the best. If you are a member of a Book Club, or any other kind of club, official or not, get in touch and let’s see what we can work out. If I can sell a few copies of my book while I’m there that’ll do me fine for now. You can find me here or by contacting my publisher. E-mail Shannon at 

I have been getting more Experiential Astrology Sessions of late. I love them. Every person is such a miracle and a mystery. The session context is one of the most special occasions on the planet to discover that – quickly. No matter your attitude to astrology, it does contain metaphors that can be incredibly helpful in crystallising our psychological and spiritual resources. Imagine being able to identify the very feel of your voice of wisdom, power, or transformation, so that whenever you feel lost, it’s there clearly identifiable in your memory banks to be brought to the surface and deliver insight. We are here to be liberated. It’s pretty clear that liberation really only has legs if it’s personal. 

Sessions, Talks and Workshops

I am available for experiential astrology sessions, to run workshops and give talks. They can be tailored to the needs of individuals, couples or groups (share houses, bands, businesses, social groups etc). Write to me at for further info or to book – or via the comment gateway on this site.   

Love and fun


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