Astrology Gift Vouchers – Available Now!

It being a week before Christmas, and you are still looking for a last minute gift. Here’s an idea – A ‘Gift Voucher’ for an Astrology Reading. They are $70 (Australian Dollars) and can be paid for by Paypal wherever you are in the world – or by Direct Deposit if you are in Australia. E-mail me at for all the details. I can send them anywhere in the world on MP3 by e-mail or post. They are about an hour and a half in length – and cost $70 (Australian Dollars).

I can do Natal Charts, Transits, Relationship Readings – whatever. The whole tone of my readings matches the angles I take on Astrology here on this Blog site – and in my columns if you read them in newspapers, magazines or on websites around the world.

My book “Astrology For Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” is also out there ready to make it into your Christmas Stockings. If you are in Australia it can be found in most good bookshops. Notably Collins Smithfield in Far North Queensland, Dymocks in Fremantle, Angus and Robertson, Mary Ryans, Black Kat, New Farm Editions and more in Brisbane – and at if you are anywhere else.

Reading or Book, I can promise you a thoroughly original and entertaining take on the stars. Now is a very good time to check them out!


The Buddha Image is drawn by and Copyrighted by Jinesh Wilmot

3 Responses to “Astrology Gift Vouchers – Available Now!”

  1. Merry Christmas and the best in the new year!

  2. rosita tomic Says:

    Hi there Sudhir. I ONLY read the Cockburn City Herald to get to your “take “on the stars, I am not a reader of Horoscopes, I might ad ,the one time I did have a read was, when I read yours.Well ,sorry. Bottom line is for yrs. now I have been reading out..pasting on the fridge, ur readings to my Hubbie and son, who ( maybe rightly) calls it ” conformation of bias ” in either case ,Your reading for my husband and sons Stars have been sooo spot on for the last 10 yrs. almost to ” spooky” 🙂 stage.
    At last my husband is paying attention, why well what u are saying, ok, specially now, its all happening in a more then ever “real” way.!!??
    Soo hoping u will keep your space in the humble paper of ours. Hope the humble paper of ours will keep going !!
    may the universe by with you and may you prosper !!!

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