Using the Stars to Navigate the Real World


Tony Abbott and Climate Change

The world is heading in some pretty strange directions. That’s obvious to anyone with their eyes half open. How can the language of astrology possibly help? It seems so anachronistic. It need not be so. Astrology, as a language, has a lot of good things going for it. It’s metaphoric, symbolic, philosophic and gloriously removed from the kind of language that is most often used to analyse worldly goings on. Now that we live in a post-modern age where it is generally accepted by those in the know that we create our realities through the narratives we hold dearest to our hearts, why not use a language of symbols with the potential for depth built in. Let’s go.

The political mind has done it’s time. The world is sufficiently stuffed up that in contrast, anyone trying to come to terms with what’s happening, or who is trying to set things right, who is encumbered by their addiction to a political template is destined to embrace the fate of the dinosaurs. Left, right or centre doesn’t matter. It’s all a power game – and power games are intrinsically flawed. So flawed in fact that to play them is to be on the side of destruction.

In astrology the politician is Jupiter. Jupiter, or Zeus as he was previously known, came to be the emperor of the gods, when he overthrew the more primitive and instinctive titans. He maintained power through logic. He maintained it by doing his level best to dominate the feminine, through rape, seduction and subterfuge. Interesting. Jupiter is presently in the constellation of Virgo, the sign of ecology, the sign that represents the exquisite order of nature. Bearing in mind the reality of climate change and the gradual soiling of our ecological nest, to have the contrasting images of bombastic political Jupiter, puffed up with hubris faced with our need to care for the intricate spider’s web of our natural environment, the metaphors get really interesting. Think Tony Abbott and climate change and you have the picture. It’s destined for tears.

One Response to “Using the Stars to Navigate the Real World”

  1. And now it’s Donald Trump and Climate change.

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