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More Goats and Less Rain

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Another kind of goat - by Goya

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Rave On

It’s muggy and hot. The mosquitoes have begun their evening raids. I am hoping that sooner rather than later those who purchase my book discover that it really is a whole new take on Astrology. Though all those involved – Printer, Artist, Editor and Designer – have made it light and beautiful, it does have a twist in the tail. Please be encouraged to go out, buy it and ponder what that twist may be. Or maybe here’s a hint. Saturn is on my mind a lot these days. Perhaps it’s because life is going through a grindingly slow patch that doesn’t seem to have much to do with my expectations. That familiar old slow down stop and get real thing is in the air. I went out today and printed off a whole heap of images of goats that I have been collecting. Wild goats on mountain tops, libidinous goats cavorting with unclad women and skeletal men, and goats that have been made to look decidedly demonic – to discourage any kind of wizardry or witchery among young Chritians in the Middle Ages. Liz Greene talks about Capricorn (and Saturn), as containing within it the blueprint of an archetypal battle between a rigid earthbound father and an id driven (read sex) son. Libido and responsibility wrestling in the stars – and in a good many garden-variety psyches. My question is how to take these two protaganist energies back home to Zen? In the mid-point between two opposing energies there is always a balance that is subtly transcendent. When there is harmony and embrace instead of battle and division, something mysterious happens that defies the mind. I am still wobbling around with archetypes and meditation. How to get them to dance? How do they dance with each other? They dance together beautifully when one plays with them experientially. Talk never really gets to it. So, if there’s anyone out there who wants to play for real with experiential astrology for gods sake get in touch. In Brisbane – or elsewhere.

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Goats and Tropical Rain

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Rave On


I love the mornings. The crows in this part of town are having a party after the rain. Everything is not just green, it’s luminous. People are quiet and animals are having a jamboree. Christmas has passed with its usual microscopic study of the dynamics of family. Sometimes good. Sometimes downright scary. A wonderful collection of Indian Nationals came to last nights Osho Meditation. Which is great because all the westerners are on holiday. Aside from making me feel at home, I had a few moments wondering if there is a whole range of sensitivity that I simply haven’t got a handle on that is natural for these guys. Their descriptions of the experiences they have suggest as much.

I have astrology readings to do and am looking forward to once again entering the mirror of the stars to see what they have to say to me. These are goaty Capricorn days. Deserts and mountain tops and lust and righteousness climbing and structure – the structure of rocks and stones. I like goats – though I’ve never had to keep one. They like a lot of space I’m told.

Lion Island is playing at Rics on New Years Eve if you are in Brisbane and are brave and interested.

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And the Rains Came….

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Beloved Mr Pan

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Well the rains came. It was beginning to look like they never would. The heat that seemed endless and purgatorial is now gone. Washed away by the grey mists of a gentle tropical downpour. I was dancing around earlier thinking what a wonderfully pagan beast the stars are. So earthy and affirmative in their roots. Full of juice and life. Especially as the Sun heads for Capricorn. The Greek God Pan always makes me smile. Who would have guessed that Christmas – the certifiably silly season – is patched on to the time of the year that was famous for the Saturnalia – the Celebration of License. Of course there had to be an annual revoking of laws and annulling of marriages to let off the steam that the rest of the years accumulated repression had caused. That’s the exact same madness in the streets and shopping malls today. No different – just less honestly named. We are going to get a mighty taste of it in the band, playing on New Years Eve. Repress. Indulge. Who is out of the loop? I’m not. At least we can give it a name.

Hard Sell

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Gogol Bordello, A Birthday and The Super-ego

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Big few days. Tonight listening to Gogol Bordello. Anarchist gypsy punk joyous madness. I can’t believe this music. Zorba incarnate. Reminds me of one of the most amazing movies I have ever seen – Underground. Humour, music and some kind of altered state in the Balkans – as they went up in flames. Culture is a big complex thing that defies understanding really. Seems to be a state of wonder past understanding. I like it there – here – in wonder.

Lion Island nailed the Troubadour on Saturday Night. Playing live extends time and shortens it at the same time. So much happens on stage in one half hour. Nine people playing together is transcendental. Ego’s pop and magic happens – and then they come back in again. Mind to no-mind and back. The lure of the world of the artist. The lure of the soul hungry. Not only artists go there. Totality delivers a strangely wonderful state. It’s actually zen hiding in the clothes of ordinariness.

And of course a birthday. Acknowledged it for the first time in five years. Had to receive some love. Tough. Chuckle.

Been pondering Pluto’s journey through Capricorn. Today’s snapshot. The awareness of death (Pluto) tapping on the super-ego (shadow side of Capricorn) and showing it how pointless it is to be living in a world of ‘shoulds’. Time to stand on our own feet because there is no other time. Becoming our own fathers. Obscure? Consider it a poem and sit with it like that. The real sneaks in between the cracks in logic.

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Have fun! Sudhir