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Morphing Images of Justice

Posted in Astrology, Uncategorized with tags , , , , on September 29, 2009 by sudhirastropoetica


Finally the dust has cleared. There are beautiful clear skies here and an unseasonal crispness in the air. The Sun is well and truly in Libra by now. Every month I scour the net for images to line up with the myths and themes of the sign we are in. I’m building up an interesting collection. I found this amazing old image of the goddess of justice (above) in my travels. She is primitive and earthy – not airy at all. It seems the symbol of the scales evolved from the claws of the scorpion (the chelae), through the form of an earthy goddess who represented the order of nature (more akin to Virgo), to the blindfolded damsel we now see outside our high courts. As she is now, she is a celebration of the evolution of the jury system – where justice is in the hands of the common people. I am fascinated by the history of these things – and by the mythological antecedents of our present populist versions of the signs. History and myth adds depth. That depth shows the depth of our projections. We have projected meaning onto the environment around us, including the stars. If astrology is a map of who we are not, which is how I see it, then these are the ideas we have to untangle ourselves from, in order to come back to the pure potent space that is our essence.

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