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Astrosophy and Zazen

Posted in Astrology, Music, Uncategorized with tags , , , on September 25, 2009 by sudhirastropoetica

Yesterday I came across the word Astrosophy. I like it a lot. Stars and philosophy. More honest really. Stars and science don’t mix – unless it’s astronomy. But Astrosophy works a treat. There is a wealth of great information buried in the symbols of astrology, and it is closer to philosophy than anything else. Even psychological astrology, which is largely Jungian, is closer to philosophy than anything else; archetypes, synchronicity etc. I’m very happy to take on the name astrosopher – even though i’d be surprised if it ever took. Still you never know.

This morning I sat Zazen. It’s the first time for a while. I’ve been doing other meditative things. I make it Zorba Zazen by having a good strong dance first. Zazen is amazing. It is really nothing but being with what is. That means no dreams and fantasies and no going anywhere. How to put astrology together with zazen? It seems it is my destiny to do just that. Astrology is so much about going somewhere – either in events or in psychological processess. To add zazen is to effectively stop the wheel. Astrosophy fits. I can wear that.

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Have fun!