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Fire-birds and Serpentine Monsters

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Klimpt Gorgons

Klimpt Gorgons

The Sun has gone into Scorpio – at least by western reckoning – and I’ve been fossicking through images on the internet that visually flesh out the various mythologies associated with the sign. Think Hydra, Medusa, Perseus, Pegasus, Phoenix’s etcetera. It amazes me just how much of Greek Mythology has made it into classical art. There is generally a stunning image from a stunning artist to represent each mythical character or tale. So far there is none I have looked up that has lacked a great painting. I had no idea Klimpt painted Gorgons for example. The English Romantics and Pre-Raphaelites got right in there – as did Rubens and Botticelli and the Renaissance and Medieval Artists. There’s something about a rich visual image that fills in the missing pieces in the tales that tell the stories of our unconscious habits and patterns, that no words can say. Scorpio is such rich pickings. Sex, Death and Transformation abounds. Who is not fascinated? I am.