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The Pole Star

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I’m erratic that’s for sure on the writing front. Consider subscribing to this blog if checking in and finding no rhyme or reason to the timing of my musings is driving you barking mad.

My book is still very much out there waiting for you to trip over it. I have been doing a tour of Brisbane Greater Metropolitan Shopping Malls signing copies for lucky punters who take the giant leap of approaching me and discovering that I don’t bite. Copies are available around Australia. Or you can get them direct from my publishers at    

Since writing that I am getting back into doing Experiential Astrology Sessions, people have been turning up at my door wanting the same. The strange thing is that their presence seems to have no logical connection to any publicity or advertising that I have been doing. Synchronicity seems to be alive and well even in the midst of the apparently non-magical personality of our times.

News – there’s plenty. I have left Lion Island which is a bit of a disaster. In fact it cuts me like a knife. One unworkable relationship was all it took. Damn. The guys have been in the studio in the meantime and I’m sure they will come up with a fantastic set of Lionised Mathew Vale masterpieces. I’ve been practising some old blues songs to while away my musical time as a kind of cure. I’ve also been exploring one of the meditations from Osho’s “Book of The Secrets”. It involves listening to a sound as it is struck and as it fades – right through to the moment when it finally ceases. It’s extraordinary what happens in that tiny moment. Silence fills up the space like it was some kind of nectar of the gods. I can now be found in my lounge room in my spare time banging gongs and listening intently to what follows. These may seem small and innocuous exercises – but they are dynamite – like splitting the inner atom.

This silence and centring is what determines the direction of my approach to astrology. I have discovered the Pole Star as a metaphor. The Pole Star stays dead still while all the others whirl and dance around it like Krishna’s Gopis. It is a perfect symbol for the witnessing consciousness at the heart of our inner universe. The whole work is to disidentify from the drama of Star Signs and Planets and Aspects and Houses and all the rest – and find the Pole Star. Of course we have to love the drama to be able to trance-end it.

It’s cold and a cup of tea is in the offing. If you are in Brisbane I will be at Angus and Robertson’s Post Office Square Shop this Thursday lunch time (12 – 2pm) signing books. Come along and say hello.        

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I am available for experiential astrology sessions, to run workshops and give talks. They can be tailored to the needs of Individuals, Couples or Groups (Share houses, bands, work groups etc). Write to me at for further info or to book – or via the comment gateway on this site.

Existential Astrology

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Lion Island Rehearsing Under the House

Lion Island Rehearsing Under the House

The Pitch.

My Book is in the following bookshops that I know of and more . In Fremantle – Dymocks. In Brisbane – Angus and Robertson, Post Office Square, and Mary Ryans in Milton and New Farm. You can also buy it on-line at or on if you are elsewhere than in Australia or New Zealand.

The Rave

I am listening to the new Patti Griffin album. It’s stunning. My ears pricked up when i heard that it was produced by Buddy Miller. The man is a genius. Genius meaning he is all heart. Makes me want to go and track down some old Staples Singers stuff. Buddy honours Pop Staples as his guitar main man. Hopefully all this filters through vicariously into Lion Island. There is such a varied collection in this band. Matthew has a new guitar and a new haircut and seems to be playing an awful lot of Rockabilly riffs between songs. I like it.

I’m craving sessions – craving getting right in there and working around in the real stuff of psyche and soul – not just talking about it. Not just story-telling it. Let’s face it nothing changes without entering experience. Endless theorising is a cop-out. Been out of the saddle so long it’s a bit of a journey back. The business cards are ordered. Next comes some intro nights and session demo’s here in south-east Queensland – or anywhere else anyone will have me.

The one great issue that comes up and bangs me in the head around working with people is that of authority – projection – transference. There are so many potholes to fall in there. Making the mistake of thinking one knows when one plainly doesn’t ain’t pretty or helpful – for one’s own journey let alone anyone else’s. In fact it generally nauseates me so much that I have chosen to steer clear of it for years. Travelling the pathless path with Osho has made it abundantly clear that any kind of spiritual middleman is there only to fleece sheep. Ultimately all any of us need is to get some kind of a handle on meditation – meditation being a fundamentally scientific endeavour that requires one’s own experience only, not anybody else’s, to bear fruit. It is its own touchstone.   

 The kinds of experiential sessions that I now do are really a journey into meditation. They have their roots in various techniques from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (see ‘The Book of Secrets’ Osho) which is ancient stuff. They are about confronting the mind with paradox and stopping it in its tracks – or about finding the middle way – or the peace of the heart – or falling in love with emptiness – or weightlessness – or…….  It’s a lovely endless journey.

Astrology is my starting point. As such it is as good a starting point as any.   

Love and fun


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Hitting the Astro Accelerator

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Experiential Astrology

The Pitch.

My Book is in the following bookshops. In Brisbane – Angus and Robertson, Post Office Square, and Mary Ryans in Milton and New Farm. In Fremantle – Dymocks. You can also buy it on-line at or on if you are elsewhere than in Australia or New Zealand. Or you can get it directly from me if you want to say hi or if none of the above works. 

Also – Lion Island is playing at The Zoo in Brisbane on Saturday Night 28th Feb as part of the Brisbane Sounds Concert. We’re up first so be early! Check the Zoo or Brisbane Sounds websites for details.

 The Rave

I’ve been wondering why it’s taken me so long to get this next Blog up and running. I just realised it’s because I am having an Astrological crisis. I love writing my columns so there’s no crisis there. It’s in how I practise astrology with the people who come to me for sessions. I was trained in an experiential form of Astrology that is all about getting in boots and all, using Gestalt, Voice, Dialogue, Psychodrama, Energy Work and more to get a real live hang of what each part of your chart feels like and means. It is hands on, necessitates a journey into feelings, sensations, intense personal reflection and above all awareness. It doesn’t involve me telling those friends who come for a session what everything means. It involves setting up a situation where one finds out for oneself. It’s juicy and it’s real. 

I am forever frustrated by how heady and academic Astrology becomes. In it’s intellectual form it becomes a tool for avoiding, or rationalising what’s going on in one’s life rather than being a tool for unlocking blocked emotions and bringing gorgeous new insights out of the dark. And here’s the crisis. I have managed to slip back in to giving talking sessions over the last ten years since I have been in Brisbane. Having found the whole process of explaining what Experiential Astrology is too painstaking, I have been giving people what they say they want – merely talking them through their charts or transits or whatever. I have learned the art of telling a good story, and hopefully telling a transformational story – but that part of me that craves the next step, feels parched and starved. So – what to do?

I reckon it’s time to get back on track with what I love most about these lovely pesky stars. So that means it’s time to invite whoever wants to come, to contact me and take up the invitation to explore who they are, using Experiential Astrology as our mode of travel. If you are not in Brisbane or nearby, I can travel. All I need is enough people who want to play to make it worthwhile. Group work is possible where individual or couples sessions aren’t.

Considering that this is me trying to educate and inform for now I am open to bartering as well as cash payment. Payment has a lot to do with how deep the appreciation goes, so one way or another it is part of the deal. I look forward to seeing who jumps out of the woodwork. 

Love and fun


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Today’s Pitch

Lion Island is playing in the Brunswick Valley Mall (Brisbane) this Saturday 6th Feb for free. 12pm will be an acoustic set – and at 1pm the whole band will crank up. Be there or be square! We’re also part of the whole Brisbane Sounds thing. Heaps of local bands. Compilation CD is out. Big Gig at the Zoo Feb 27th

“Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” is now available in good bookshops around Australia – and at and

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And now for some – Raving On

It’s a little cooler. The birds are gossiping where they would have been laying low a week ago. I have a slight belly ache. Maybe it’s the fumes from an enzyme cleaner I used to polish the bathroom with a little earlier. It’s Aquarius time – which means it’s time to brush up on the myth of Prometheus. It’s a good story to help get one’s head around Water-bearers. Liz Greenes call. I like it. The rebel steals fire from the gods to bring humanity out of darkness. He creates civilization and also inadvertently unleashes havoc at the same time. Pandora is involved. Innovation asks a lot of a person. Are you ready to be shunned? That’s as likely as to be worshipped. Are you aware of all the potential consequences of your actions? Einstein wasn’t. Are you being humanitarian with awareness or not? That’s the basic question – as it always seems to be. All patterns to be witnessed.

I am considering running some on-going Astrology evenings in Brisbane – with an eye to them perhaps doubling as an Astrology Course. If you are in this neck of the woods and are interested, let me know. My e-mail address is below. .

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A Fresh Breeze

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The Sky is the Ground for our Aquarian Friends

Sales Tales

“Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” is now available in good bookshops around Australia – and at and

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Rave On

Naturally, it’s hot. I have a slight headache which possibly has something to do with an imbalance in my caffeine intake. I’m trying to balance it up with a cup of chai. I got a spectacular comment on my last blog so I’ll be especially aware as I write this one. It contained both the word ‘tripe’ and ‘Shakespearean’. Check it out and let me know if I am seriously off the mark or not. I’d like to know. That said – it’s a big week. Lion Island are supporting Dent May at the Troubadour in Brisbane on Thursday Night (we’re on at 9.30pm), I’ll be rabbitting on at 6.20am on Friday on ABC Radio (again Brisbane) with Spencer Howson. (After the gig the night before it could be interesting) – and I’m doing a book signing at Angus and Robertson’s at Post Office Square (again Brizzy) from 11am to 2pm on Friday. Fortune still isn’t dancing with fame – though I did get my first royalty cheque this week. That was a blast. It is the time of Aquarius. Did you know that the original image of the Water-Bearer came as a description of the water-bearing winds – the winds that delivered the rains to the Nile Valley. That’s all your average Aquarian is trying to do – to deliver you refreshing rains, fertilise your earth and rejuvenate your countryside. Go with it!

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I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Your can find me at


Goats and Tropical Rain

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Rave On


I love the mornings. The crows in this part of town are having a party after the rain. Everything is not just green, it’s luminous. People are quiet and animals are having a jamboree. Christmas has passed with its usual microscopic study of the dynamics of family. Sometimes good. Sometimes downright scary. A wonderful collection of Indian Nationals came to last nights Osho Meditation. Which is great because all the westerners are on holiday. Aside from making me feel at home, I had a few moments wondering if there is a whole range of sensitivity that I simply haven’t got a handle on that is natural for these guys. Their descriptions of the experiences they have suggest as much.

I have astrology readings to do and am looking forward to once again entering the mirror of the stars to see what they have to say to me. These are goaty Capricorn days. Deserts and mountain tops and lust and righteousness climbing and structure – the structure of rocks and stones. I like goats – though I’ve never had to keep one. They like a lot of space I’m told.

Lion Island is playing at Rics on New Years Eve if you are in Brisbane and are brave and interested.

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And the Rains Came….

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Beloved Mr Pan

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Well the rains came. It was beginning to look like they never would. The heat that seemed endless and purgatorial is now gone. Washed away by the grey mists of a gentle tropical downpour. I was dancing around earlier thinking what a wonderfully pagan beast the stars are. So earthy and affirmative in their roots. Full of juice and life. Especially as the Sun heads for Capricorn. The Greek God Pan always makes me smile. Who would have guessed that Christmas – the certifiably silly season – is patched on to the time of the year that was famous for the Saturnalia – the Celebration of License. Of course there had to be an annual revoking of laws and annulling of marriages to let off the steam that the rest of the years accumulated repression had caused. That’s the exact same madness in the streets and shopping malls today. No different – just less honestly named. We are going to get a mighty taste of it in the band, playing on New Years Eve. Repress. Indulge. Who is out of the loop? I’m not. At least we can give it a name.

Hard Sell

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