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Back in Blogging Land

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It’s been a very long time between drinks – but here I am back at my keyboard tying up a blog entry. My life has been immersed in the world of acute mental health support. And what a journey it has been. I’ve am having a very real encounter with the system and met a wonderful collection of characters along the way. Still, no matter what has been going on I keep tapping out astrology columns for various newspapers and Astrology continues to be a vehicle for expression. Mythology keeps being a way to understand things in that mid-land between logic and meditative silence. People keep finding me to have sessions; mostly on-line these days. Life goes on.

The other thing that I have done over the last year and a bit is an on-line Certificate in Trauma and Stress Studies put together by the Trauma Centre in Boston. I even went to Boston in June/July to go to the 27th Annual Trauma Conference. I am truly gob-smacked by the work that is going on in this realm. It is the future of mental health. Check out Bessel van der Kolk (The Body Keeps the Score), Peter Levine, Steven Porges and more. They are empirical scientists whose research is starting to affirm the sanity and effectiveness of such things as body awareness, meditation/mindfulness, relating, creativity and flow. Bless them for bridging a whole lot of really important gaps.

For the rest, it’s feels like consolidation time. My book is now available on Etsy. Go to and search for Sudhir Astrology. You’ll find two shops with it. Either work. $20 with free shipping anywhere in the world. Also, I have a remastered collection of old songs up at Bandcamp now take Credit Card payments as well as Paypal. They have finally made life easier. I also post articles from time to time on Linked In. If you feel like getting in touch – do. Love and fun – Sudhir

Under a Bright Orange Sky

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A lot happens in 24 hours. There has been a dust storm in the sky today that turned it orange. Seriously strange. Yesterday at Lion Island music practise I heard we had been offered a gig by The Harbour Agency which is pretty amazing. They are big bananas. Looks like we are off up the mountain to Toowoomba later in October. And all while somehow mulling over the symbol of Leo. I would love to simplify astrology and do surgery on the superstition it is riddled with. An astrology software salesperson sent me an e-mail yesterday claiming that a certain person’s transits proved that they were an axe murderer, even though they were adjudged innocent. This is idiocy. What’s worse is that when I pointed out that it was a rather long bow to draw, he had no sense whatsoever of the irony. I choose to persist with the soothsaying anyway. I look forward to my book getting out and about on the streets, coffee tables and bookshelves of the world, so I can finally have my angle circulating through the collective unconscious. 

My Book is due out soon. Watch this space! Yes – I am available for sessions. Yes – I am available to run workshops and give talks. And my songs are now up at Bandcamp. Check the links on this site. I can be contacted at



Songs, Virgo and Queen Victoria’s Petticoats

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Yesterday I put a compilation of my songs up at Bandcamp. Finally a website elegantly designed for independent artists to sell their stuff without getting tangled in other peoples musically mercinary business adventures. Go to the links on this blog and you’ll see what I mean. It’s refreshingly simple. Enjoy! 

On the astrological front I am going to keep bringing these blogs back to the themes of the month – and for now that means Virgo. The original Goddess represented the order of nature. I could contemplate that forever. She can be seen in the spine of a leaf, heard in the rustle of the morning trees, felt in the spring heat. And what is in her way are all the ludicrous ideas about what is right and wrong that have been layered on top of her. The primal virgin has got more petticoats, dresses, hats and corset on than Queen Victoria. She is the very nature that runs through our veins. She needs to be disrobed. That means undressing the real me from his conditioning. Dancing seems to help. The body likes to move. The armour cracks and falls off when dancing freely. Slowly day by day a little bit more hits the dust. Natacha Atlas and Arabic rhythms seem to work for me. Oh and Shooglenifty. 

My Book is due out soon. Watch this space! And – Yes – I am available for sessions. Yes – I am available to run workshops and give talks. I can be contacted at




Virgo Ahoy!

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Finally I’m back on deck in the Blogging department – and a lot has happened in the meantime. Firstly and most excitingly, I just signed off on the proofs of my book. It should be printed within a month or so – and then comes the whole journey of getting it out and about in the real world of bookshops etcetera. Add that to a musical bonanza on the Lion Island front and I’m a satisfied little fire monkey. More soon. Hang on to your hat.

Zoo and Sniffles

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It’s sunday night. Was it really only Friday night that Lion Island played the Zoo? How amazing it is to be on a stage where i’ve seen people perform that I am seriously gobsmacked by. I am remembering Don Walker – my favourite Australian songwriter by a country mile. Who else writes stories like that? His solo stuff is peerless. Really it was so much fun to play. The sound was amazing. Nine of us, making one hell of a huge racket for a bunch of fiddlers and pluckers and thumpers and warblers. The crowd loved it – and I got a cold. The first tragedy of my just slightly post mid-life rock and roll lifestyle. Could be worse. Being sick is an opportunity to lie in bed and read. And talk into a tape recorder – doing an astrology reading. For far away people I do such things. It’s a daunting task. No-one there to interact with. Just a voice echoed by an empty room reverberating with whatever I do or don’t understand about the stars. Each time I tell the story of a Greek myth or rattle on about the psychology of essence, I am talking to myself. Engraving the message a little deeper into the copper plate of my soul. I’m editing some old songs as I write this. To what end I don’t know. Songs, gifts of the gods and the sweat glands. How come they become such treasured possessions? Like holding on to reflections on the surface of a lake. The creative process demands total emotional engagement. The message of Cancer, recurring again and again as the hypothetical sun weaves it’s way through the stars of the crab. The real sun is of course travelling through Gemini – but hey we won’t go there right now. Unless of course you want to…..

Monday Stars, Saturday Band

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Writng the stars is the strangest proffession. There is no school for learning such things – so I each time I do it I am jumping into the wild blue yonder. What amazes me is the limitless pool of creative waters that presents itself once one starts writing. I look at where the planets are and then I feel a feeling, sniff a whiff of posibility and start writing. Then I proceed to be amazed by what comes. Mondays are always like this. It is generally the day I do my weekly stars. Sometimes it’s difficult. Often there’s heaps of fear that nothing is going to come or that I will repeat myself. If all I get in this life is some sense of how to make friends with the creative process I will have done pretty well. Life of course life is never lacking in richness.


Lion Island played on Saturday Night – at the Top Floor in Elizabeth Street, Brisbane. We are an eight or nine piece so there’s always this element of out of control with us. It’s just simply impossible to hold all the ingredients in the pot by force of personality or intent. The amazing thing is that everybody picks up their piece and runs with it. The feeling of being in a band on stage when all the parts are making a harmonious cranked whole is simply one of the best experiences going. Only sex and skiing seem to match it in my estimation. Yee Harr…..!!!!


Here’s a picture of the band

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I just remembered that I had a photo of Lion Island. Wahooeee!