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Postmodern Astrology

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I love astrology – mainly for its mythological, hence psychological, depth. The superstition that still surrounds it however has always driven me to distraction. That people in the 21st century still cling to the idea that it has scientific credibility in its present form, defies belief. Perhaps one day someone will find an empirical connection between the planets, stars and life on earth. Maybe once in the days of genuine intuitive cognition it was understood correctly. Presently it’s a dog’s breakfast.

Up until now, rather than get tangled in the muddy soup of that argument, I have focussed on identifying the witness of it all. There is a witness to the whole dance of energy that we are and that life is. This witness is the core of awareness which provides the hub of silence that offers refuge from the noise – or a counterpoint to the noise.

Going to Uni has opened up another way of looking at these things for me. I am blessed to finally get my head around postmodernism. We are made up of stories – and these stories are malleable. To put astrology into this mix is a fascinating journey. The stories, archetypes and mythological patterns that form the template of astrology, are malleable. We can read them however we want to read them, make meaning of them in whatever way we want to make meaning of them – and shift them around to affirm the very best of who we are, as we please. That takes all the dogmatic lunacy out of astrology and empowers we lovers of grand archetypal narrative, in whole new ways.

My greatest joy so far in finally doing a counselling degree, is to have discovered narrative therapy – and in particular the works of Michael White and David Epston. To sum it up briefly, narrative suggests that when we are in a bit of a ditch, we are often plagued by problem-saturated narratives that distort our view. Through externalising our problem/s, we can deconstruct them, see what ideas beliefs etc drive them – and then go looking for other, hidden healthy narratives that are also present in our lives but are operating out of sight. As we strengthen these alternate narratives, so we can move from ‘problem’ to creativity, strength, awareness, love, whatever.

To put astrology into this context, imagine not being hoodwinked into certain not very constructive predictive interpretations of your sign, or your present day transits but instead being free to rewrite the interpretation according to your unique healthy creative narrative – the one that lives underneath any deterministic power-drenched superstitious nonsense you might have had put on you by some apparently authoritative astrologer, or cook-book astrological manual. This opens up the possibility of each person finding their most unique astrological self – one that identifies their strengths and celebrates them.

And then we can find the witness!

Much love
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Thoughts and Songs Compiled

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It’s a dirty hot Queensland night. Finally the mosquitoes have joined in the party, after having been strangely absent for the early part of summer. Soon I will go and hide in my mosquito net and ponder sleep, as I perspire and roll around wrestling with this hot December night. It’s ‘Take a good look at this moment and see what you see’ night. So, what do I see? My book is out and doing it’s mysterious business, quietly and hopefully fruitfully. I can hear it slipping off bookshop shelves into paper bags. I can hear it moving off it’s pallet at the book making factory and slipping into postbags and flying off to places unknown. I have now decided that I like the songs I have up at  The act of making a compilation has rescued them and me from a certain ambivalence. Now I’m not ambivalent at all. It’s clear, I like them. They are what they are. Nothing more and nothing less. The band has played it’s second last gig for the year. We’re on at Rics on New Year’s eve if you happen to be in Brisbane. That will be fun. New PA. New stage. We might even fit on. We’ve been contemplating the next move there. Looks like it might be an album. We shall see. I have been doing plenty of Astrology Readings of late. Mostly for folks in WA or Italy. Mostly they are a journey into the incredible relevancy of mythology via a tour of the planets. That plus a whole huge angle on meditation and psychology that comes from 32 years with Osho. Yep – 32 years last Friday. Happy Birthday Sudhir. I have no idea who is reading this thing – but I love a free form place to write. A place where all the bits and pieces that stick out the edges of the stars and get binned can star in their own right. Love and fun to you all whoever you are xxx

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Fire-birds and Serpentine Monsters

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Klimpt Gorgons

Klimpt Gorgons

The Sun has gone into Scorpio – at least by western reckoning – and I’ve been fossicking through images on the internet that visually flesh out the various mythologies associated with the sign. Think Hydra, Medusa, Perseus, Pegasus, Phoenix’s etcetera. It amazes me just how much of Greek Mythology has made it into classical art. There is generally a stunning image from a stunning artist to represent each mythical character or tale. So far there is none I have looked up that has lacked a great painting. I had no idea Klimpt painted Gorgons for example. The English Romantics and Pre-Raphaelites got right in there – as did Rubens and Botticelli and the Renaissance and Medieval Artists. There’s something about a rich visual image that fills in the missing pieces in the tales that tell the stories of our unconscious habits and patterns, that no words can say. Scorpio is such rich pickings. Sex, Death and Transformation abounds. Who is not fascinated? I am.

A James Joyce Mini-Epiphany

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Ulysses was sitting in the second-hand bookshop looking at me. For the first time it felt like the right time to give it a read. So far I’m only in the introduction. James Joyce doesn’t even have a voice yet. Never-the-less it has been revelatory already. The fundamental premise to my version of Astrology (with hat tipped towards George Gurdjieff and Osho) is that it is a map of who we are not. And that map is made profound by the fact that underlying all the zodiac symbols are the stories of Greek (and other’s) mythology. We live the story cycles of mythology in our present day, unconsciously. This is Ulysses too. A day in a very ordinary life, underpinned by the story cycle of The Odyssey. James Joyce and many since have been saying and demonstrating the same thing in literature for well over a century. Joyce meets Jung. The difference is with the influence of Mr G and Osho and a wee bit of personal experimentation, these story cyles don’t become a rat’s maze. Once seen they hold the key to leaving all rat’s mazes behind. Moksha, freedom, the great gift of the East. It’s sitting there at the heart of the wheel, looking a lot like a laughing Buddha, who upon seeing the flimsiness of the prison walls is celebrating accordingly.

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