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Free Music, Academia and The Pole Star

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I’ve just been and had some fun on my Bandcamp page. Having managed to get my mastering program up and running on my new computer, I have remastered all my old songs, and put 12 of them up for downloading. You can name your price – which includes FREE if you so desire – and are one of the first couple of hundred to do so each month.

And oh my god – it’s been over nine months since I updated this page! So – where have I been? aside from going through floods and storms and having a solid encounter with the fact of aging, via my 94 year old mum, I have been studying. Somewhere near the end of last year I got possessed by the idea to get a Counselling Degree. As it turns out, I am having a whole lot of fun with it. I’m studying on-line via the Jansen Newman Institute in Sydney and am pretty damn impressed so far. There’s been heaps of sociology, which has meant me getting my head around folks like Michel Foucault after years of avoiding them – and I’m discovering counselling models that I really like. Mostly those that have arisen through a trail that leads to Milton Erickson (Narrative/Brief Solution Focussed). Erickson had the idea that the Unconscious is a huge positive resource, rather than a fathomless Freudian cesspit. I like it.

Astrology goes ever onwards and upwards however. I am intrigued by the idea of the Pole Star – that point in the sky that doesn’t move – which symbolises that within us that also doesn’t move. I found a meditation technique in ‘The Book of The Secrets’ by Osho that is all about remembering this stillness, as everything around it dances, shifts and changes. It’s a lovely metaphor for astrology. The planets dance and change. The Pole Star hints at the axle around which it all dances. The parts of us that are represented by the planets and signs go through their crazy dramas; the bit within us represented by the Pole Star, doesn’t. It is a witness.


Pete Townsend and Planets

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It’s cold in my little cave. I’m listening to Pete Townsend. I have a soft spot for him because of his connection to Meher Baba. Google your socks off on that one! It’s a fascinating tale. I actually like his voice better than Roger Daltrey. It’s softer.

Speaking of spiritual journeys, we have a One Day Osho Meditation Day happening in Brisbane this Sunday. (August 25th) Active meditations for frenetic contemporary bodies, hearts and minds. Simple principle. If you want to be still – swing the pendulum the other way first. Move wildly and exhaustively – then stillness follows as night follows day. Athletes know it without knowing that they know it. Dancers too. Check my links for further clues or to book. (Osho Brisbane) 

If you are in Brisbane I have a heap of copies of my book at home right now all for sale. I am more than happy to sell you a copy or three. E-mail or call. Come and have a session and buy a book while you are here. Why not! 

Last weekend I went out to the Bracken Ridge library and did a talk on Astrology, Self-Enquiry, Mythology, etcetera. It got my juices flowing. I love sharing the ideas that are in my book with people who are curious at the very least – or as thirsty as those lost in the desert at the best. If you are a member of a Book Club, or any other kind of club, official or not, get in touch and let’s see what we can work out. If I can sell a few copies of my book while I’m there that’ll do me fine for now. You can find me here or by contacting my publisher. E-mail Shannon at 

I have been getting more Experiential Astrology Sessions of late. I love them. Every person is such a miracle and a mystery. The session context is one of the most special occasions on the planet to discover that – quickly. No matter your attitude to astrology, it does contain metaphors that can be incredibly helpful in crystallising our psychological and spiritual resources. Imagine being able to identify the very feel of your voice of wisdom, power, or transformation, so that whenever you feel lost, it’s there clearly identifiable in your memory banks to be brought to the surface and deliver insight. We are here to be liberated. It’s pretty clear that liberation really only has legs if it’s personal. 

Sessions, Talks and Workshops

I am available for experiential astrology sessions, to run workshops and give talks. They can be tailored to the needs of individuals, couples or groups (share houses, bands, businesses, social groups etc). Write to me at for further info or to book – or via the comment gateway on this site.   

Love and fun


The Pole Star

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I’m erratic that’s for sure on the writing front. Consider subscribing to this blog if checking in and finding no rhyme or reason to the timing of my musings is driving you barking mad.

My book is still very much out there waiting for you to trip over it. I have been doing a tour of Brisbane Greater Metropolitan Shopping Malls signing copies for lucky punters who take the giant leap of approaching me and discovering that I don’t bite. Copies are available around Australia. Or you can get them direct from my publishers at    

Since writing that I am getting back into doing Experiential Astrology Sessions, people have been turning up at my door wanting the same. The strange thing is that their presence seems to have no logical connection to any publicity or advertising that I have been doing. Synchronicity seems to be alive and well even in the midst of the apparently non-magical personality of our times.

News – there’s plenty. I have left Lion Island which is a bit of a disaster. In fact it cuts me like a knife. One unworkable relationship was all it took. Damn. The guys have been in the studio in the meantime and I’m sure they will come up with a fantastic set of Lionised Mathew Vale masterpieces. I’ve been practising some old blues songs to while away my musical time as a kind of cure. I’ve also been exploring one of the meditations from Osho’s “Book of The Secrets”. It involves listening to a sound as it is struck and as it fades – right through to the moment when it finally ceases. It’s extraordinary what happens in that tiny moment. Silence fills up the space like it was some kind of nectar of the gods. I can now be found in my lounge room in my spare time banging gongs and listening intently to what follows. These may seem small and innocuous exercises – but they are dynamite – like splitting the inner atom.

This silence and centring is what determines the direction of my approach to astrology. I have discovered the Pole Star as a metaphor. The Pole Star stays dead still while all the others whirl and dance around it like Krishna’s Gopis. It is a perfect symbol for the witnessing consciousness at the heart of our inner universe. The whole work is to disidentify from the drama of Star Signs and Planets and Aspects and Houses and all the rest – and find the Pole Star. Of course we have to love the drama to be able to trance-end it.

It’s cold and a cup of tea is in the offing. If you are in Brisbane I will be at Angus and Robertson’s Post Office Square Shop this Thursday lunch time (12 – 2pm) signing books. Come along and say hello.        

Sessions, and Workshops

I am available for experiential astrology sessions, to run workshops and give talks. They can be tailored to the needs of Individuals, Couples or Groups (Share houses, bands, work groups etc). Write to me at for further info or to book – or via the comment gateway on this site.

Towards an Existential Astrology

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Zen – A Celebration of What Is!

The Pitch

My Book “Astrology For Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested”  is out there awaiting your purchase. If you are in Fremantle, Dymocks is the place. If you are in Brisbane, Angus and Robertson in Post Office Square has it – as does Mary Ryan in New Farm and Milton. Other good bookshops around Australia and New Zealand do have it or can get it in. You can also get it on-line at or If you have any trouble getting it or need further details (ISBN etc) please contact me. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this blog.

 The Rave

Recently I got some new business cards made. That is always an interesting journey because it makes me wonder who I am and what I am offering exactly – what to call myself. This time round I opted for ‘Existential Astrologer’ and I am very happy with it. Essentially my heart lies in the land of Zen which is a clear land free of the mind-stuff of archetypes, symbols, concepts and even experiences. (Or experiencer) This love has made being an astrologer, who deals with all of the above a strange fit.

 It is clear that between here and there, between Zen and our everyday somnambulism is a big jump. In fact to all sense and purposes it is a quantum leap. It is a quantum leap that can be bridged by meditation – and to make meditation really essentially available, there needs generally to be some kind of preparation. Before one can effectively watch, be a witnessing consciousness – the very essence of meditation – one has to learn how to love oneself. Here’s where all therapeutic processes, including astrology, have their part to play. Astrology describes who we are not, but who we are not is where we need to start our journey, because that is where we are identified – that is the glue that has to get unstuck before anything more existential can happen. Thank you Osho.

 Existential is a beautiful word, unfortunately corrupted by the existentialists. In questioning their existence, in white-anting the various beliefs instilled by thousands of years of religious tradition, the existentialists (Sartre, Camus etc) landed in a philosophical cul de sac full of nausea, ambivalence and nihilism. They didn’t actually get to the sheer delight of Zen, the full comprehension of the magnificence of life as it is without the extra decoration of personality or belief. They got off the train one station too soon. The shadow is as much an ego trip as the manufactured personality. One never feels so special as when one is in misery.

 So – Astrology and a genuine existential presence a la Zen – yep, I’ll wear that one. I am an Existential Astrologer. Why not? More soon….   

 Sessions, and Workshops

I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Write to me at

Love and fun


Existential Astrology

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Lion Island Rehearsing Under the House

Lion Island Rehearsing Under the House

The Pitch.

My Book is in the following bookshops that I know of and more . In Fremantle – Dymocks. In Brisbane – Angus and Robertson, Post Office Square, and Mary Ryans in Milton and New Farm. You can also buy it on-line at or on if you are elsewhere than in Australia or New Zealand.

The Rave

I am listening to the new Patti Griffin album. It’s stunning. My ears pricked up when i heard that it was produced by Buddy Miller. The man is a genius. Genius meaning he is all heart. Makes me want to go and track down some old Staples Singers stuff. Buddy honours Pop Staples as his guitar main man. Hopefully all this filters through vicariously into Lion Island. There is such a varied collection in this band. Matthew has a new guitar and a new haircut and seems to be playing an awful lot of Rockabilly riffs between songs. I like it.

I’m craving sessions – craving getting right in there and working around in the real stuff of psyche and soul – not just talking about it. Not just story-telling it. Let’s face it nothing changes without entering experience. Endless theorising is a cop-out. Been out of the saddle so long it’s a bit of a journey back. The business cards are ordered. Next comes some intro nights and session demo’s here in south-east Queensland – or anywhere else anyone will have me.

The one great issue that comes up and bangs me in the head around working with people is that of authority – projection – transference. There are so many potholes to fall in there. Making the mistake of thinking one knows when one plainly doesn’t ain’t pretty or helpful – for one’s own journey let alone anyone else’s. In fact it generally nauseates me so much that I have chosen to steer clear of it for years. Travelling the pathless path with Osho has made it abundantly clear that any kind of spiritual middleman is there only to fleece sheep. Ultimately all any of us need is to get some kind of a handle on meditation – meditation being a fundamentally scientific endeavour that requires one’s own experience only, not anybody else’s, to bear fruit. It is its own touchstone.   

 The kinds of experiential sessions that I now do are really a journey into meditation. They have their roots in various techniques from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra (see ‘The Book of Secrets’ Osho) which is ancient stuff. They are about confronting the mind with paradox and stopping it in its tracks – or about finding the middle way – or the peace of the heart – or falling in love with emptiness – or weightlessness – or…….  It’s a lovely endless journey.

Astrology is my starting point. As such it is as good a starting point as any.   

Love and fun


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Goats and Tropical Rain

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To Buy My Book – Wholesale or Retail

Go to – or get your local bookshop to. And I believe it is now available through Amazon.  

Rave On


I love the mornings. The crows in this part of town are having a party after the rain. Everything is not just green, it’s luminous. People are quiet and animals are having a jamboree. Christmas has passed with its usual microscopic study of the dynamics of family. Sometimes good. Sometimes downright scary. A wonderful collection of Indian Nationals came to last nights Osho Meditation. Which is great because all the westerners are on holiday. Aside from making me feel at home, I had a few moments wondering if there is a whole range of sensitivity that I simply haven’t got a handle on that is natural for these guys. Their descriptions of the experiences they have suggest as much.

I have astrology readings to do and am looking forward to once again entering the mirror of the stars to see what they have to say to me. These are goaty Capricorn days. Deserts and mountain tops and lust and righteousness climbing and structure – the structure of rocks and stones. I like goats – though I’ve never had to keep one. They like a lot of space I’m told.

Lion Island is playing at Rics on New Years Eve if you are in Brisbane and are brave and interested.

I AM available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. My e-mail address is


Thoughts and Songs Compiled

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It’s a dirty hot Queensland night. Finally the mosquitoes have joined in the party, after having been strangely absent for the early part of summer. Soon I will go and hide in my mosquito net and ponder sleep, as I perspire and roll around wrestling with this hot December night. It’s ‘Take a good look at this moment and see what you see’ night. So, what do I see? My book is out and doing it’s mysterious business, quietly and hopefully fruitfully. I can hear it slipping off bookshop shelves into paper bags. I can hear it moving off it’s pallet at the book making factory and slipping into postbags and flying off to places unknown. I have now decided that I like the songs I have up at  The act of making a compilation has rescued them and me from a certain ambivalence. Now I’m not ambivalent at all. It’s clear, I like them. They are what they are. Nothing more and nothing less. The band has played it’s second last gig for the year. We’re on at Rics on New Year’s eve if you happen to be in Brisbane. That will be fun. New PA. New stage. We might even fit on. We’ve been contemplating the next move there. Looks like it might be an album. We shall see. I have been doing plenty of Astrology Readings of late. Mostly for folks in WA or Italy. Mostly they are a journey into the incredible relevancy of mythology via a tour of the planets. That plus a whole huge angle on meditation and psychology that comes from 32 years with Osho. Yep – 32 years last Friday. Happy Birthday Sudhir. I have no idea who is reading this thing – but I love a free form place to write. A place where all the bits and pieces that stick out the edges of the stars and get binned can star in their own right. Love and fun to you all whoever you are xxx

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“Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” RRP $19.95 (AUS) The simplest way, wherever you are, is to order it directly from the Boolarong Press website, It can be shipped anywhere in Australia, NZ or the rest of the world.

The following Bookshops are carrying it. There are bound to be more. In Queensland – Mary Ryans in Milton/Bulimba/Noosa. In Western Australia – Dymocks in Fremantle/Midland Gate and Planet Books in Mount Lawley. In South Australia and Victoria – Dymocks in Adelaide and Dymocks in Murray Bridge

 The other option in in Australia or New Zealand is to order from your local bookshop. Quote the title “Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” the author “Sudhir” The ISBN 978 1 921555 07 7 and the publisher – Boolarong Press (Salisbury – Queensland) Note – Boolarong Press is the Distributor as well as the Publisher, should they ask. Doing it this way helps us to get bookshops to notice it and stock it all around the country.

Also I AM definitely available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks.

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