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Astrology, Narrative and Pronoia

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It’s been a long time between drinks, which seems to have become the case as I have been making my way through the land of academia for these last three years. The good news is that in approximately three and a bit months I will have a counselling degree. Aside from giving me some extra street cred, it has certainly rounded and strengthened and deepened my approach to counselling. It’s also brought me in touch with some fantastic new approaches to counselling in the form of narrative therapy and existential counselling, as articulated by Amy Van Deurzen. I’m sure there will be more to do with those two subjects as this next round of blogs arise. Adding solid counselling skills to astrology is a passion of mine. I guess that comes from having done way too many sessions in the past to help people recover from having had astrology sessions. Superstition is not the way to encourage people to trust life and empower themselves oh overly predictive friends of mine.

My conception of astrology is rightfully morphing, changing and growing, in a lovely protean, creative fashion. Astrology is if nothing else a glorious web of stories, hiding within the enigmatic surface of a set of ancient symbols. These stories, often with their roots in Greek mythology, but not always, are ways of identifying and defining our own story lines. By identifying our story lines we can start to figure out where they reinforce who we are and where they get in the way. If they are getting in our way, then our job is to find the alternative, hidden seam of experiences and narratives, that may serve to empower and awaken us. This is the work of narrative therapy. To identify and begin to perform the threads of narrative that can lead us where we want to go. It is to get out of the thrall of the stories we carry in our hearts that keep us chained.

Which brings me to Pronoia. Pronoia is a word picked up and extended on by fellow maverick astrologer Rob Brezsny. In fact he has turned it into a book which I am reading right now. Pronoia is the antidote for paranoia. It is not blind, Christianity-in-drag, new ageism. It is a way of looking at what’s going on in the world that acknowledges reality, while hunting for and threading together all the beautiful, life affirmative things that are happening before our eyes – that we miss seeing because we are so stuck in collective negative dross. I thoroughly recommend checking him out. He’s got his own way of telling his tale, which may or may not sit well with you – but he really does have a fine tale to tell – so bear with him. Anyone that quotes Hafiz as freely as he does is all right by me.

On a practical note, I still have books for sale. They are $20, Australian with free postage anywhere in the world. You can pay using paypal. I am available for Skype sessions wherever you are in the world. I charge $100 Australian (you get a session, a recording of the session and a copy of my book for that – as long as stocks remain). Contact me here through wordpress or by e-mail ( If you are in Brisbane, or close by, I can come and do group sessions with you and your buddies whenever you want. Feel free to get in touch.

Much love and fun – and lots of good will and wishes for 2014. It feels like it will be a good one to me.


Funny Monday

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Every day is a funny day. I can hear a voice calling the horses on a cheap am radio. The birds don’t seem to mind. This morning a woman asked me to edit her love letter while I was sitting at a cafe. She sat down. I said nothing. Then she congratulated me on having done such a splendid job. It being Monday I get to write the stars first up. Today was one of those days where I knew I had to sit back, take a deep breath and give the planets a really good once over. Having had a deadline or six to write stars for nearly 15 years now, I can say for certain that as symbols they have enough depth to handle a whole lot of looking into them. Naturally every time I look, I am looking into myself. I trust that there’s enough universality to my experience for it to translate to other people’s experience. I have been accused of having a camera in my reader’s bedrooms. I’m trusting that is a good piece of feedback – and not paranoia that will come back to haunt me. And isn’t ‘pronoia’ a great word? The exact opposite. Seeing all the hopeful possibilities when projecting ahead. The bloke who writes Free Will Astrology in the States has written a book about it. I tip my hat.

My Book is due out soon; in fact i’m expecting it any day. I am available for sessions. I am certainly up for running workshops and giving talks. My songs are up at Bandcamp, itunes and more. Lion Island is to be found on Bandcamp too and at MySpace. We are launching our first EP at Rics in The Valley (Brisbane) on the 16th of October. Go to the links over there to your right. And be there if you can.

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Have fun!