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Thoughts and Songs Compiled

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It’s a dirty hot Queensland night. Finally the mosquitoes have joined in the party, after having been strangely absent for the early part of summer. Soon I will go and hide in my mosquito net and ponder sleep, as I perspire and roll around wrestling with this hot December night. It’s ‘Take a good look at this moment and see what you see’ night. So, what do I see? My book is out and doing it’s mysterious business, quietly and hopefully fruitfully. I can hear it slipping off bookshop shelves into paper bags. I can hear it moving off it’s pallet at the book making factory and slipping into postbags and flying off to places unknown. I have now decided that I like the songs I have up at  The act of making a compilation has rescued them and me from a certain ambivalence. Now I’m not ambivalent at all. It’s clear, I like them. They are what they are. Nothing more and nothing less. The band has played it’s second last gig for the year. We’re on at Rics on New Year’s eve if you happen to be in Brisbane. That will be fun. New PA. New stage. We might even fit on. We’ve been contemplating the next move there. Looks like it might be an album. We shall see. I have been doing plenty of Astrology Readings of late. Mostly for folks in WA or Italy. Mostly they are a journey into the incredible relevancy of mythology via a tour of the planets. That plus a whole huge angle on meditation and psychology that comes from 32 years with Osho. Yep – 32 years last Friday. Happy Birthday Sudhir. I have no idea who is reading this thing – but I love a free form place to write. A place where all the bits and pieces that stick out the edges of the stars and get binned can star in their own right. Love and fun to you all whoever you are xxx

To Buy my book 

“Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” RRP $19.95 (AUS) The simplest way, wherever you are, is to order it directly from the Boolarong Press website, It can be shipped anywhere in Australia, NZ or the rest of the world.

The following Bookshops are carrying it. There are bound to be more. In Queensland – Mary Ryans in Milton/Bulimba/Noosa. In Western Australia – Dymocks in Fremantle/Midland Gate and Planet Books in Mount Lawley. In South Australia and Victoria – Dymocks in Adelaide and Dymocks in Murray Bridge

 The other option in in Australia or New Zealand is to order from your local bookshop. Quote the title “Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” the author “Sudhir” The ISBN 978 1 921555 07 7 and the publisher – Boolarong Press (Salisbury – Queensland) Note – Boolarong Press is the Distributor as well as the Publisher, should they ask. Doing it this way helps us to get bookshops to notice it and stock it all around the country.

Also I AM definitely available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks.

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Funny Monday

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Every day is a funny day. I can hear a voice calling the horses on a cheap am radio. The birds don’t seem to mind. This morning a woman asked me to edit her love letter while I was sitting at a cafe. She sat down. I said nothing. Then she congratulated me on having done such a splendid job. It being Monday I get to write the stars first up. Today was one of those days where I knew I had to sit back, take a deep breath and give the planets a really good once over. Having had a deadline or six to write stars for nearly 15 years now, I can say for certain that as symbols they have enough depth to handle a whole lot of looking into them. Naturally every time I look, I am looking into myself. I trust that there’s enough universality to my experience for it to translate to other people’s experience. I have been accused of having a camera in my reader’s bedrooms. I’m trusting that is a good piece of feedback – and not paranoia that will come back to haunt me. And isn’t ‘pronoia’ a great word? The exact opposite. Seeing all the hopeful possibilities when projecting ahead. The bloke who writes Free Will Astrology in the States has written a book about it. I tip my hat.

My Book is due out soon; in fact i’m expecting it any day. I am available for sessions. I am certainly up for running workshops and giving talks. My songs are up at Bandcamp, itunes and more. Lion Island is to be found on Bandcamp too and at MySpace. We are launching our first EP at Rics in The Valley (Brisbane) on the 16th of October. Go to the links over there to your right. And be there if you can.

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