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And the Rains Came….

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Well the rains came. It was beginning to look like they never would. The heat that seemed endless and purgatorial is now gone. Washed away by the grey mists of a gentle tropical downpour. I was dancing around earlier thinking what a wonderfully pagan beast the stars are. So earthy and affirmative in their roots. Full of juice and life. Especially as the Sun heads for Capricorn. The Greek God Pan always makes me smile. Who would have guessed that Christmas – the certifiably silly season – is patched on to the time of the year that was famous for the Saturnalia – the Celebration of License. Of course there had to be an annual revoking of laws and annulling of marriages to let off the steam that the rest of the years accumulated repression had caused. That’s the exact same madness in the streets and shopping malls today. No different – just less honestly named. We are going to get a mighty taste of it in the band, playing on New Years Eve. Repress. Indulge. Who is out of the loop? I’m not. At least we can give it a name.

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