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Fire-birds and Serpentine Monsters

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Klimpt Gorgons

Klimpt Gorgons

The Sun has gone into Scorpio – at least by western reckoning – and I’ve been fossicking through images on the internet that visually flesh out the various mythologies associated with the sign. Think Hydra, Medusa, Perseus, Pegasus, Phoenix’s etcetera. It amazes me just how much of Greek Mythology has made it into classical art. There is generally a stunning image from a stunning artist to represent each mythical character or tale. So far there is none I have looked up that has lacked a great painting. I had no idea Klimpt painted Gorgons for example. The English Romantics and Pre-Raphaelites got right in there – as did Rubens and Botticelli and the Renaissance and Medieval Artists. There’s something about a rich visual image that fills in the missing pieces in the tales that tell the stories of our unconscious habits and patterns, that no words can say. Scorpio is such rich pickings. Sex, Death and Transformation abounds. Who is not fascinated? I am.

Transformation Stars

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Astrology serves no purpose unless it is in the service of transformation. Mostly it isn’t. What is transformation? For me it is bringing the possibility of love into the world – through the agency of increased awareness. At present we don’t seem to be as capable of that as we think we are. If there’s any symbol for awareness it would have to be that of the Buddha. This is not the historical Buddha. This is a state of reflective presence whispered in stone, or paint. I place the Buddha in the centre of the astrological wheel always – as a reminder of this state and that this direction I am heading with my readings. The Zen Enso could also be used. A symbol of emptiness. The Buddha will do.

For me this week transformation seems to be about taking responsibility. And taking responsibility seems to be about noticing and owning up to the fact that the source of my thoughts and emotions is in me; that others might provoke those thoughts and emotions into action – but they aren’t caused by external provocation. They are dormant within. Someone says something which provokes my anger to the surface. I can turn on that person – expression – or I can turn on myself – repression. Or I can somehow find a way to use this feeling of anger as a door – by welcoming its presence and riding it like a wave wherever it wants to go. This week I have been using the meditation of the great Tibetan teacher Atisha to play with my reactions. Taking these uncomfortable feelings into my heart on the in-breath, and breathing out bliss or joy on the out-breath. It is very difficult but it does work. When it touches the heart, the energy of anger does change in miraculous moments into bliss. (See Chapter five of the Book of Wisdom by Osho for a full rundown) One little taste promises a bigger deeper one.

So where does this fit in Astrology? Scorpio is all about transforming poison into nectar. Pluto the same. Also if transformation is the context in which the stars are read, then all the symbols take on new meaning. They each carry a story of darkness turning to light. Of personality transmuting into essence. Of sleep turning to awakening. This is my angle on the stars.

On the Lion Island front – I have seen our new EP. It is looks gorgeous and sounds great. We are launching it tonight at Ric’s Bar in The Valley in Brisbane – at midnight! Ah – the lifestyle of a musician. Then at the Valley Fiesta at a more reasonable hour next week. Getting nine people pointed in one direction to make beautiful music is a transformative task that’s for sure. Watch this space.

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