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At the Heart of the Stars

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Emptiness is the most interesting thing to me. Not just blah emptiness but the shining open space that is there when the mind and time stops. I know it singing. I know it dancing. I even know it in a moment beyond fear playing football as a schoolboy. It is full of light yet free of all objects. Astrologically if there is anything I really want to do, it is to put the stars into the service of those who wish to find this space. It is the space that relaxes the heart and gives significance. The only way I can imagine doing that is to start from the statement attributed to George Gurdjieff (in ‘Remembering Gurdjieff’ by Fritz Peters) that astrology is a map of who we are not. It points to the knots that are there to be untied in order to taste the taste of emptiness – the taste of one’s original face – the space that makes love possible, that embody’s creativity – and that even puts the fear of death in its place. All that I do in the name of the stars is a painting that tries in some way to embrace that end.

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It’s been a week for dancing with the demons of resistance. The moment it comes to writing – with the exception of those things that I have a paid deadline for (strangely) – or talking to my tape recorder about the stars, the little buggers have been there in all their glory. Resistance, digging it’s heels in with all the heavy hoofedness of a mighty Brahman bull. Or is it a particularly feisty crab who just simply doesn’t want to come out of his home under the rocks? That said it’s been an eventful few days. The band is getting ready for a gig at The Zoo, here in Brisbane, on Friday night. That’s a big one for us. A real venue. A real audience. The bats in the brain belfries definitely start to flap around in the face of facing the general public en masse. We’ll be splendid. I came across a cheap Grail Tarot deck on Saturday and snaffled it up. I have never really gotten my head around the Knights Templar before – or that the Gnostic Christian tradition was so tied up with the Grail myseries. I do remember staring over the Chalice well in Glastonbury years ago wondering if Joseph of Arimathea really did hide it in there. I remember a story that there’s some place thereabouts, that were you to spend a night there, you would come out mad or a poet. Tempting. Glastonbury really is an extraordinary part of the planet. The signs of the Zodiac are written into the hedges and creeks and fencelines so that they can be seen from the Tor near the centre of town. Are the twelve sign of the Zodiac the knights of the round table? Is Glastonbury Avalon? One certainly wonders when one sucks up that crisp clean magical air. Certainly takes your sense of wonder up a notch – which may well have been the secret intention.

Winter Stars in the Southern Hemisphere

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Nails being hammered in the distance. A grandmother’s birthday party in nearer focus. Young voices feting the old. I’m steering my ship in the gaps between the grandmother’s wonderfully raucus laughs. The week has been full-on. Today is a day of semi-rest. It’s cold – but not too cold. The Sun is warm actually, outside the confines of my little flat cave. And it’s in the sign of Cancer. The summer sign in the northern hemisphere. The sign of warm fecundity placed incongruously in a southern winter. Winter the time of solitary goats and saturnalia’s and hardy survival tales. I’ve always found the seasonal placements of the star signs in the southern hemisphere odd. But what to do. Mine is not the role to actually shift the tradition. Question it – and take some of the seriousness out of it – but not shift it. Somebody else can do that.