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Jupiter in Virgo: Hubris or Humility

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Lets continue to focus on Jupiter in Virgo, as per my previous blog. The archetypal images involved hold further riches that deserve to be extracted. Jupiter at his worst represents the political mind. Like Zeus in Greek mythology, he signifies the domination of linear, strategic thinking, over such qualities as intuition, a love of beauty and the genius of the feminine. At his best, Jupiter represents expansion and growth – the capacity to grow beyond the blindness of the love of power. In a contemporary context, all our politicians (left, right and centre) represent that part of us that is blinded by power; that remains wilfully ignorant of anything other than the language of domination.

Virgo represents the web of nature. The original Virgo goddesses represented the abundance that arises when one respects and honours the order of nature. At its worst Virgo signifies a moral rejection of nature, the outcome of which is aridity and stasis.

Put the negatives together and Jupiter in Virgo reads as the destruction of ecology by humanities blind lust for domination and power. Put the two positives together and it reads as the fertility that can arise, should we human beings transcend our historically habitual desire to dominate nature and instead learn to be an active, sensitive and intelligent part, of natures web.

Make no mistake, the issue of our relationship with nature is not going to go away. The issue of climate change is a perfect window into the implications of getting it right and getting it wrong. If you are unconvinced, or want to wish it away, go to your local book shop and purchase a copy of ‘This Will Change Everything’ by Naomi Klein. Her logic is passionate elegantly researched and irrefutable. She identifies capitalism in its present form, as hubris. Hubris for the ancient Greeks was the only sin. By overstepping our mark, we bring the heavens down on our heads. While Jupiter is in Virgo, we can use the image of Jupiter and the image of Virgo, to flesh out the conversation. Feel free to join in.

Songs, Virgo and Queen Victoria’s Petticoats

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Yesterday I put a compilation of my songs up at Bandcamp. Finally a website elegantly designed for independent artists to sell their stuff without getting tangled in other peoples musically mercinary business adventures. Go to the links on this blog and you’ll see what I mean. It’s refreshingly simple. Enjoy! 

On the astrological front I am going to keep bringing these blogs back to the themes of the month – and for now that means Virgo. The original Goddess represented the order of nature. I could contemplate that forever. She can be seen in the spine of a leaf, heard in the rustle of the morning trees, felt in the spring heat. And what is in her way are all the ludicrous ideas about what is right and wrong that have been layered on top of her. The primal virgin has got more petticoats, dresses, hats and corset on than Queen Victoria. She is the very nature that runs through our veins. She needs to be disrobed. That means undressing the real me from his conditioning. Dancing seems to help. The body likes to move. The armour cracks and falls off when dancing freely. Slowly day by day a little bit more hits the dust. Natacha Atlas and Arabic rhythms seem to work for me. Oh and Shooglenifty. 

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The Virgin Forest is Perfect but not Chaste

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Persephone - Lucien Levy-Dhurmer

Persephone - Lucien Levy-Dhurmer

Virgo is actually all about the intrinsic order of nature. Virgin is virgin forest. How it got to be about being pedantic and myopic is a long historical journey that involves understanding something about the end of the matriarchy, the beginning of the patriarchy – and birth of the Christian Empire. It’s a theme that is very rich and full and once unfolded will help many Virgo’s around the universe feel much better about themselves. It will be told.

In the meantime – Yes – I do sessions. Yes – I do workshops. Yes I do talks. And Yes my book is due out any time soon. Watch this space. I am contactable at

Enjoy!                                                                                                                                   Sudhir

Virgo Ahoy!

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Finally I’m back on deck in the Blogging department – and a lot has happened in the meantime. Firstly and most excitingly, I just signed off on the proofs of my book. It should be printed within a month or so – and then comes the whole journey of getting it out and about in the real world of bookshops etcetera. Add that to a musical bonanza on the Lion Island front and I’m a satisfied little fire monkey. More soon. Hang on to your hat.