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What Is An Experiential Astrology Session?

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The Ten Bulls of Zen

The Rave

I have gotten through my blogging yips for now. Today I am bursting at the seams to write. The inspiration comes from doing more and more Experiential Astrology Sessions. I guess the big question is – What is an Experiential Astrology Session? Here goes.

People are arriving at my door, not so much with a desire to fill their inner hard-drive with a heap of astrological information but rather with a sincere need/passion/hunger to sort out various issues in their lives. Usually these are related to work (creativity), relationships of all kinds and existential angst (the meaning or significance of this mysterious life).

Once presented with an issue, we can move in a variety of different ways. The simplest is to take what appear to be the archetypal characters most aligned to the issue (the relevant signs, planets, houses from the birth chart) and lay them out on a couple of cushions on the floor. For example the issue may be relationship, so we pick Venus and Mars. At this point I lay out three cushions, or chairs. One is for the person’s normal garden variety self and the others are for each of the planets. (Venus and Mars). Then we start exploring.

Essentially the process is like Gestalt or Voice Dialogue, or Psychodrama. I get the person to sit on the cushions one at a time and explore what it feels like to be that unconscious part represented by our example planets, Venus, or Mars. This is a slow, in depth journey of energy, feeling and insight that brings to light what resistances might be there, what resources might be there and what bearing this resource, or resistance has on the issue presented. That alone is often revelatory. The part on the second cushion is often very different from the first, and has a completely different often contradictory perspective on the presented issue.

Having identified both, we then come back to the middle and check to see how it feels to have these energies bubbling away on the inside. The process from here on in is two-fold. The first step is therapeutic. It is all about learning to love what we have found so far. This happens always and spontaneously as a result of investigating the effects of not loving each part. Once that is seen, acknowledgement and acceptance follows like night follows day.

The second step is the meditative step. This can happen in a few different ways depending on the person’s type, present space and lord knows what else. It can happen by bringing all that we have found so far into the heart. It can happen by simply finding the balance or the mid-point between the two parts. It can happen by holding the paradox.  It can happen by peeling away the different parts and discovering that none of them are actually who we are – by dis-identifying. There are all sorts of things that can happen at this point but they all involve centring in one way or another.

So – in this way Astrology works as a way to ease the conflict of the presenting issue and as a way to use the presenting issue as a path to centring, meditation, witnessing. How good is that? And how much fun is that?

There are other ways to do the same thing in a session. We can find the opposing threads within one archetypal energy, (e.g. the love and the hate inside Venus) or we can lay out whole slabs of the birth chart in a circle on the floor and walk through the various flows and obstacles that make it unique. The methodology is basically similar, though the physical approach may be different. Step one – acceptance, acknowledgement, self-love – and step two, witnessing, meditation.

The beauty of this approach is that it is an experience as opposed to a Birth Chart Reading which is really only an intellectual exercise no matter which way you look at it. This means that an Experiential Astrology Session can actually change us, not just inform us. Also, and perhaps the most amazing thing, is that it leads to the person coming for the session finding the resources within required to sort out their own dilemma’s. The symbols of Astrology hold within themselves, all sorts of positive, transformative possibilities. An Experiential session is fundamentally client-based and therefore empowering. My job is to direct traffic, not to impart knowledge or advice in any way.

I am having a blast with this stuff and would love more people to take a punt and come for the journey. I am presently in Brisbane, which makes me very available for SEQ locals – but I am available to travel anywhere there is interest, a grounded and friendly organiser and sufficient need. Talk to me!  

Sessions, and Workshops

I am available for experiential astrology sessions, to run workshops and give talks. They can be tailored to the needs of Individuals, Couples or Groups (Share houses, bands, work groups etc). Write to me at for further info or to book – or via the comment gateway on this site.

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My Book “Astrology For Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” is out there awaiting your purchase. If your local bookshop has difficulty trying to order it, you can get it on-line at or If you have any trouble getting it there or need further details (ISBN etc) please contact me. My e-mail address is above – or leave a comment on this site.

Towards an Existential Astrology

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Zen – A Celebration of What Is!

The Pitch

My Book “Astrology For Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested”  is out there awaiting your purchase. If you are in Fremantle, Dymocks is the place. If you are in Brisbane, Angus and Robertson in Post Office Square has it – as does Mary Ryan in New Farm and Milton. Other good bookshops around Australia and New Zealand do have it or can get it in. You can also get it on-line at or If you have any trouble getting it or need further details (ISBN etc) please contact me. My e-mail address is at the bottom of this blog.

 The Rave

Recently I got some new business cards made. That is always an interesting journey because it makes me wonder who I am and what I am offering exactly – what to call myself. This time round I opted for ‘Existential Astrologer’ and I am very happy with it. Essentially my heart lies in the land of Zen which is a clear land free of the mind-stuff of archetypes, symbols, concepts and even experiences. (Or experiencer) This love has made being an astrologer, who deals with all of the above a strange fit.

 It is clear that between here and there, between Zen and our everyday somnambulism is a big jump. In fact to all sense and purposes it is a quantum leap. It is a quantum leap that can be bridged by meditation – and to make meditation really essentially available, there needs generally to be some kind of preparation. Before one can effectively watch, be a witnessing consciousness – the very essence of meditation – one has to learn how to love oneself. Here’s where all therapeutic processes, including astrology, have their part to play. Astrology describes who we are not, but who we are not is where we need to start our journey, because that is where we are identified – that is the glue that has to get unstuck before anything more existential can happen. Thank you Osho.

 Existential is a beautiful word, unfortunately corrupted by the existentialists. In questioning their existence, in white-anting the various beliefs instilled by thousands of years of religious tradition, the existentialists (Sartre, Camus etc) landed in a philosophical cul de sac full of nausea, ambivalence and nihilism. They didn’t actually get to the sheer delight of Zen, the full comprehension of the magnificence of life as it is without the extra decoration of personality or belief. They got off the train one station too soon. The shadow is as much an ego trip as the manufactured personality. One never feels so special as when one is in misery.

 So – Astrology and a genuine existential presence a la Zen – yep, I’ll wear that one. I am an Existential Astrologer. Why not? More soon….   

 Sessions, and Workshops

I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Write to me at

Love and fun


The Moon’s In Cancer

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The Pitch

My Book “Astrology For Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested”  is leaping up and down excitedly awaiting your purchase. If you are in Fremantle, Dymocks is the place. If you are in Brisbane, Angus and Robertson in Post Office Square has it – as does Mary Ryan in New Farm and Milton. Other good bookshops around Australia and New Zealand do have it or can get it in. You can also get it on-line at or

The Rave

Emotions – lots of them. I feel like I have left my emotional lifeline behind. I am flying out in the wild blue yonder. It’s most likely water I am travelling through – currents of wild flowing water. I live on the assumption that life is a Zen Master that is cooking me according to his own inspired recipe of No-Mind and Enlightenment. I live on that assumption because experience has confirmed it again and again over the years. Following each patch of unknowing there comes a moment when all is revealed as making the most perfect intuitive sense. Still in the midst of every peeling away, every stripping of the illusion of ‘I’, there is naturally doubt and panic and a thousand varieties of emotional wobble. That’s where I am right now. It’s a vulnerable place. It’s a place where it is handy to have metaphors of alchemy on hand to ease the way.

Sessions, and Workshops

I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Write to me at

Love and fun


More Goats and Less Rain

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Another kind of goat - by Goya

To Buy

My Book “Astrology for Those Who Won’t Admit They’re Interested” is now available in good bookshops around Australia – and at and

Rave On

It’s muggy and hot. The mosquitoes have begun their evening raids. I am hoping that sooner rather than later those who purchase my book discover that it really is a whole new take on Astrology. Though all those involved – Printer, Artist, Editor and Designer – have made it light and beautiful, it does have a twist in the tail. Please be encouraged to go out, buy it and ponder what that twist may be. Or maybe here’s a hint. Saturn is on my mind a lot these days. Perhaps it’s because life is going through a grindingly slow patch that doesn’t seem to have much to do with my expectations. That familiar old slow down stop and get real thing is in the air. I went out today and printed off a whole heap of images of goats that I have been collecting. Wild goats on mountain tops, libidinous goats cavorting with unclad women and skeletal men, and goats that have been made to look decidedly demonic – to discourage any kind of wizardry or witchery among young Chritians in the Middle Ages. Liz Greene talks about Capricorn (and Saturn), as containing within it the blueprint of an archetypal battle between a rigid earthbound father and an id driven (read sex) son. Libido and responsibility wrestling in the stars – and in a good many garden-variety psyches. My question is how to take these two protaganist energies back home to Zen? In the mid-point between two opposing energies there is always a balance that is subtly transcendent. When there is harmony and embrace instead of battle and division, something mysterious happens that defies the mind. I am still wobbling around with archetypes and meditation. How to get them to dance? How do they dance with each other? They dance together beautifully when one plays with them experientially. Talk never really gets to it. So, if there’s anyone out there who wants to play for real with experiential astrology for gods sake get in touch. In Brisbane – or elsewhere.

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I am available for sessions, to run workshops and give talks. Your can find me at


All Music No Stars

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I seem to be besotted with good alt-country music. I’ve got Lyle Lovett singing to me right now. Singing a collection of his favourite Texan songwriter’s songs. They carry something of the land in them. There’s definitely no dead dogs and not too many slamming doors as girlfriends storms free. A lot more sophisticated in a strangely simple way. There’s enough of a hint of ancient chinese and japanese poets in them to suggest that they are zen literate. Certainly Townes Van Zandt chooses his words in a strange and amazingly economic way. Seems like his life was a mess; but his songsmith skills are truly inspired. I remember reading that the great contemporary mystic Meher Baba once suggested that there were a few pearls in country music that were something like the pearls in Sufi literature. That made me prick my ears up. An authority on the subject that I definitely trust. There’s no way to access the true essence of creativity from one’s conditioning. All that we have learned can’t access what’s between the lines. It can give us the tools to craft silence into sound I guess – but not the inspiration. We had a great Lion Island rehearsal today. Played songs we had a good handle on – and went high. Even though we weren’t all there. Rhythm dancing. Melody flying. Wry smiles dancing around over the top of microphones. Light flickering in happy eyes. Nothing to do with stars at all.